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SUN Diego, California
  • "Sutra Opening Verse"

    From @Bunks post "Creating a Buddhist flyer for distribution"
    makes me think of "Sutra Opening Verse"

    開經偈 (Kāi jīng jì)
    無上甚深微妙法 (Wú shàng shén shēn wéi miào fǎ)
    百千萬劫難遭遇. (Bǎi qiān wàn jié nàn zāo yù)
    我今見聞得受持, (Wǒ jīn jiàn wén dé shòu chí)
    願解如來真實義. (Yuàn jiě rú lái zhēn shí yì)

    Sutra Opening Verse
    The unsurpassed, profound, and wondrous dharma
    Is rarely met with, even in a hundred, thousand, million kalpas.
    Now we can see and hear it, accept and maintain it,
    May we unfold the meaning of the Tathagata's truth.

    Very nice music

    A Mi To Fo

  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Happy Chinese New Year !!! The Year of the Chicken !!!
    (But do not be chicken when come to explore the Buddha Dharma:-) )

    Enjoy the Happy Chinese New Year - very cute.

    A Mi To Fo

  • Buddha teaching: The Dharma is like a raft!

    From the post "Simple Path" discussion
    make me think of this that I read from another Buddhism forum I'd like to share:

    Buddha teaching: The Dharma is like a raft!

    • Some see the raft but shy away.
    • Some see the raft are delighted but just stand watching from afar
    • Some see the raft and hurriedly to climb up,then then hurriedly climb down
    • Some see the raft and hurriedly to climb up and hurriedly paddle, without knowing that if one is having the strength to paddle it and to where.
    • Some climb up the raft and just sit there and enjoy the scenery.
    • Some climb up the raft and let it drifts away to wherever to be.
    • Some climb up the raft and just try hurriedly paddle to where one wants to go.
    • Some have the raft, but just want to make it looks better.
    • Some have the raft, but try looking for the flaws on the raft.
    • Some climb up the raft, paddle for a distance, see another raft looks better, get onto that raft, and then repeat again, again...
    • Some just cautiously look at the raft to see if the raft is fit for one, and also careful paddle with the intended journey ... etc ...
    • ....

    I am right now is kind of "- Some climb up the raft, paddle for a distance, see another raft looks better, get onto that raft, and then repeat again, again...". :-(

    Which one is you?

    A Mi To Fo

  • Re: Simple Path

    Like @Bunks, simple but not easy as it sounds. I guess that is Samsara. However, at least we all did start at some starting points following the Buddha's path, so that is first simple or not step we did in the path :-).

    A Mi To Fo

  • Re: I lose my temper at my family

    Yum A Mi To Fu will work too :-).

    Actually I posted a story related to A Mi To Fu before. I posted it again.
    A Mi To Fu

    A story about mother recites "Wax apple, taro, tofu" and her son survived the shipwreck (told by Venerable Hai Tao 海濤法師, he did a lot animation/cartoon stories related to Buddhism/Sutra,etc.)

    A Filipino maid worked in Taiwan. The owner is a Buddhist who is practicing the chanting of Amitabha Buddha. The maid, listening to the sound of chanting, found that there must be some kind of divine because the owner is always so peaceful.

    One day, the maid asked the owner to teach her the chanting verse so that she can pray for her son from afar on the sea. The owner said: "You know how to say "Namo Amitabha" (in Taiwanese dialect). The maid does not know how to speak Taiwanese dialect so it is hard for her to remember. So she says the words as food items, that she often shops for the owner, that have similar sounds.

    "Wax apple, taro, tofu"
    蓮霧 = Wax Apple sounds like (Namo) in Taiwanese.
    芋圓 = Taro Paste (Ami)
    豆腐 = Tofu (Tofo)

    One day, the maid heard the news that her son's ship was wrecked. She went back home and found her son is still alive. The son told her that when the ship crashed in the storm, he was adrift at sea. Only he was saved by the drifting "Wax Apple" branches. He was drifting for two days and one night. He was passed out several times. He later saw a fleet of dolphins swimming along side some floating boxes. He paddled toward them and found "taro paste" and "tofu" in there. He devoured it and that was how he survived. Later he was rescued by other ship.

    No one is willing to believe his story, and everyone laughed at him, because they think he was petrified, hungry and talking crazy.