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SUN Diego, California
  • Re: Why Buddhism ?

    Why Buddhism? Maybe Karma as @Shoshin said who knows???

    This is from master Chin Kung answered the question:
    Am I Destined to Meet Buddhism? (10mins)

    (English subtitles) Buddhist Master Chin Kung (淨空法師) talks about the story he learnt Buddhism. At the beginning, he thought Buddhism is superstitious and wouldn't touch it.

    Master Chin Kung bio.

    A Mi Tuo Fo

  • Re: What you give is what you get

    Heard this story from one of dharma lectures

    A father went to work in the morning.
    When he was in the company, his boss was in a bad mood and scolded him.
    He was very angry because of being scolded by no reason.
    His wife happened to phone him, and he scolded his wife.
    The wife was scolded by her husband for no reason and also in a bad mood.
    In the afternoon, when her son was back from school, she scolded him too.
    Her son was very angry due to being scolded without reason.
    It just happened that their puppy came in, he kicked the puppy.
    After being kicked, the puppy was irritable and went out.
    The father happened to be off from the office, so it bit the father.

    Why was the father bitten?
    It's caused by his anger in the morning, then influenced his wife, his son and his dog.
    As if a rock was tossed in a lake, the waves will transfer very far and vibrate continually...


  • Re: Rebirth, Time Between Lives, and Dr. Ian Stevenson

    The Earth Store Sutra (also known as the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Purvapraṇidhana Sutra is a Mahayana sutra)

    In chapter 7 it mentions about 49 days.

    “The arrival of the Great Ghost of Impermanence is so unexpected that the deceased ones’ consciousnesses first roam in darkness and obscurity, unaware of offenses and blessings. For forty-nine days the deceased are as if deluded or deaf, or as if in courts where their karmic retributions are being decided. Once judgment is fixed, they are reborn according to their karma. In the time before rebirths are determined, the deceased suffer from thousands upon thousands of anxieties. How much more is that the case for those who are to fall into the bad destinies.

    “Throughout forty-nine days, those whose lives have ended and who have not yet been reborn will be hoping every moment that their immediate relatives will earn blessings powerful enough to rescue them. At the end of that time, the deceased will undergo retribution according to their karma. If someone is an offender, he may pass through hundreds of thousands of years without even a day’s liberation. If someone’s offenses deserve Fivefold Relentless Retribution, he will fall into the great hells and undergo incessant suffering throughout hundreds of millions of eons.


  • "Sutra Opening Verse"

    From @Bunks post "Creating a Buddhist flyer for distribution"
    makes me think of "Sutra Opening Verse"

    開經偈 (Kāi jīng jì)
    無上甚深微妙法 (Wú shàng shén shēn wéi miào fǎ)
    百千萬劫難遭遇. (Bǎi qiān wàn jié nàn zāo yù)
    我今見聞得受持, (Wǒ jīn jiàn wén dé shòu chí)
    願解如來真實義. (Yuàn jiě rú lái zhēn shí yì)

    Sutra Opening Verse
    The unsurpassed, profound, and wondrous dharma
    Is rarely met with, even in a hundred, thousand, million kalpas.
    Now we can see and hear it, accept and maintain it,
    May we unfold the meaning of the Tathagata's truth.

    Very nice music

    A Mi To Fo

  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Happy Chinese New Year !!! The Year of the Chicken !!!
    (But do not be chicken when come to explore the Buddha Dharma:-) )

    Enjoy the Happy Chinese New Year - very cute.

    A Mi To Fo