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  • Re: Changing job?

    Iv been working there for 8 years, but I have decided to stay, its more like a common saying changing job is good for you.

  • Re: Getting rid of my smartphone may just save me

    This is my phone at the moment, I can call, send a message, and play snake :)
    I only need to charge the batteries one time in month

  • Re: Fear and the Illusion of Safety

    Its many diffrent ways to approach your fears.

    -You can focus on something else, for example bring your attention to your heart/body (my arm is never afraid).
    -You can meet your fears/phobias in smal steps, until the mind can really feel its nothing to be afraid for.
    - You can stay close to people, which are grounded and trustworthy when you face your fears.
    - You can eat a chocolate cake and focus on a pleasent feeling at the same time.
    - You can use your awarness and see that you are afraid, and just calm yourself down, "this mind its just riddiculus".
    - If worst case scenario really did happen, then you can seek friendship with other in the same situation and your family and try to not let the dark side eat you up, but practice metta.
    -You can prepare yourself for the worst case scenarios, so you are familliar to the situation when it happens.
    -You can practice metta meditation everyday, and then you are in a better shape to handle difficult things when they really happen.
    -Write things down in a jorunal, you can then laugh about what you was afraid for last year.

    There are no places that are really safe, so your wisdom has to be your real protection

  • Re: Mindful drinking of beer as a meditation

    @Bunks Iam 31 iam not so young :) Its easier to go with the flow when absolute everyone is drinking in my group, anyway I only drink when we have this kind of trips with my work, and thats 1 time in year, rest of the year Iam sober.

  • Re: Funny Stuff