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  • Re: Mx Angry

    What is working for Mx Angry?

    When Iam angry iam angry, thats the way it is, just be open to it and watch.
    Dont hide it, maybe for others if you can (so they dont get hurt), but dont hide it to yourself, give it some free room (imaginery) and let the energy unfold.

    Its part of being a human, if you call yourself a smiling buddhist its just a stupid ideal.
    You can not smile all the time, anger need also some free space, just like other feelings.
    Its not good or bad, just a feeling.

  • Re: suffering/Dukka

    My brain hurts. What's the point of all your riddle posts Upekka?

    to really prove that wathever arises is suffering/Dukka :)

  • Re: Greed and desire

    Desire is what it is, just like anger, jelousy, resentment and so on, it is empty and not lasting. It can be very strong though and difficult to deal with at certain times.
    Like sugar craving

    Oposite of desire, is to be content with what you have, its good enough.
    Thats kind of oposite of what "normal" people think, in our modern world success is always to get more of x and y. But success in buddhism its to be ok with what you already have in the present moment.

  • Re: To the Sangha I go for refuge

    I dont know what you did or what happend, but to forgive yourself even for smaller mistakes can be hard. So Its good to go talk with friends or monks, I think they will understand and they are there for helping out laypeople. Everyone fucks things up now and then, its part of life. Better to accept it and try to continue as best we can, we are only humans :)

  • Re: Balancing compassion without being a pushover

    When you have someone trying to sabotage and take all the credits for you and youre colleague's work, you can not just let it pass and pretend everything is ok. I had done as you plan to do, tell this to your manager, and the more evidence and witnesses you have, the stronger you stand in your case.