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  • Re: Balancing compassion without being a pushover

    When you have someone trying to sabotage and take all the credits for you and youre colleague's work, you can not just let it pass and pretend everything is ok. I had done as you plan to do, tell this to your manager, and the more evidence and witnesses you have, the stronger you stand in your case.

  • Re: Fear Factor

    Not needed, he is above winning and loosing and would not care, if there are many bullies in front of you, you dont have to go stright forward, you can easely go around them and avoid an unnecessary fight, boring answer?

  • Re: Changing job?

    Iv been working there for 8 years, but I have decided to stay, its more like a common saying changing job is good for you.

  • Re: Changing job?

    @karasti shift work its terrible yes, I have almost crashed with my car several times. And there are many diseases you can get, diabets 2 and lung cancer and many other bad things.

    I will choose nr 2 . Sales its not so bad as it sounds, its more about asking people/companies questions and finding out what they want. I will not push any one to buy things they dont like :) My only concern is the pressure to sell so and so much whitin a week/month, that can be stressfull.

  • Re: Globalism vs Protectionism

    Globalism vs Protectionism?

    Its better for the consumer to not think about boarders, one free market where everyone can buy and sell whitout regulations from the goverment.
    Goverment dosent work more for the people, their only interest is to figure out how to charge more taxes from the people and protect the rich elite.