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  • Re: Was Jesus An Enlightened Buddha? Was he Buddhist?

    "Don't be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they can not touch your soul.Fear only God, who can destroy both your soul and body in hell." - Jesus

  • Re: Was Jesus An Enlightened Buddha? Was he Buddhist?

    No, I don't think that he was a buddha. I can't understand how a guy who taught fear was a buddha.

  • Re: Does meditation help you think straight?

    I think it gives you a choice in the matter of decisions that we make in life. It gives us the choice to truly decide how we want to treat people ect. It's awareness. When you have that you won't just react to a situation in away that you will regret later on. Some people don't have the ability to choose, instead they just react. Meditation gives you the choice to choose what you do in life. That's basically its purpose.
  • Re: Could a Buddhist believe in 'an eye for an eye' and corporal punishment?

    I'm reading this discussion while my 5 year old son plays on the floor and my wife is on the couch talking with her mother. If a loved one was hurt by a human monster it would be quite a test of myself to not feel hate towards them.

    A life is a life as far as Buddhist practice, right? What if there was a dangerous dog roaming the neighborhood, and it attacks and kills a child. Once the dog is captured, it is clear that it is fierce and will likely attack again. Is the same compassion required? I know the answer should be yes.
    Only kill an enemy when he is serious threat to life. However, if you can fend of an enemy without killing him then you should not kill.
  • Re: Your #1 favorite video game?

    Tekken? I used to flinch at hitting gals and old dudes. Then one thing led to another. :bawl:

    I remember coming off actually playing Grand Theft Auto as designed. Just as I walked past the front door, a neighbour was driving towards me. I saw the headlights and was poised to dive out of the way.
    He was just reversing the car [oops]. If you think these things do not effect us, then also wonder how sitting still, calms our lives . . .
    I do have a flying game somewhere on the iPod touch but just flying around is so hard with an undercarriage of missiles . . . might just delete it, only played once . . .
    Have you heard of Shenmue? It's the father of games like grand theft Auto. It's less violent and more appropriate.