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  • Re: Retreat of One

    @karasti, This is the spot I had in mind,
    Mt Tumbledown. It's the prettiest 3200 foot peak in Maine. With a small alpine lake! I'd have to go mid week in June to get the place to myself.

  • Re: Retreat of One

    I've been thinking about that myself. Is your idea to do your retreat at home? That would be to distracting for me. I was leaning towards stuffing a backpack with a few simple meals, a tent and some tea. Head into the North Maine woods for 3 or 4 days. No internet of phone available up there. Bring a printed copy of a sutra or two...

  • Re: 50 questions to ask your kids instead of “How was your day?”

    A lot of those questions get asked at the dinner table in my house every evening. My wife and I probably try harder than most parents do to stay involved in the goings on in their teenage children's lives. Some of the answers over the years have been priceless.

  • Re: Zen in ye anciente arte of Photos

    "True at First Light" is the title of a Hemingway novel. Those words came to mind when I took this photo.

  • Re: What are intoxicants in buddhism?

    I would like to ad a personal note to this thread. About six months ago I decided to stop drinking alcohol. I wouldn't say that I was a heavy drinker, but I would consume some alcohol almost every day. Usually in the form of a glass or 2 of wine with dinner or a bottle or two of beer while doing household chores. I had two goals, relieve some stress on an already strained marriage and loose the extra 20lbs I've been carrying around for a while. I never thought that I drank enough to "cloud my mind". I was wrong. It's utterly amazing how much sharper I am mentally. I am much more skillful in dealing with people, my wife and children in particular. I'm not going to say that I will never drink some wine or beer ever again, but it will certainly not be on any sort of a regular basis. Now if I could get my wife to put down her god damned iPhone now and then...