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  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    This morning I awoke to this choice ....

    Hmm.....which path to follow :)

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    I was on my way down to the beach yesterday when I came across this Heron chilling out and admiring the view...

    ....Or with its 20/20 vision it could have just been scanning the ocean for schools of fish :)

  • Re: Dhamma dreams

    @Bunks said:
    Hi noble community

    I fell asleep on my bed yesterday with a dhamma talk playing beside me. In that weird state between sleeping and awak I could feel the bed underneath my back. Then a voice in my mind said, “It’s time for you to use the Dhamma to lean on and support you....” (or words to that affect).

    It was quite startling and I woke up immediately.

    Has anyone else had something similar or some kind of Dhamma dreams?

    From what you are describing, I'm under the impression @Bunks, it's wisdom itself that arises and which speaks words of wisdom to the aggregated self ...and this wisdom develops with [Dharma] practice...And as Wisdom grows the ego shrinks becoming less dominant, just a convenient analytic tool/device for when interacting in the conventional world ...

    But I could be wrong :)

  • Re: Dhamma dreams

    @Bunks said:

    Has anyone else had something similar or some kind of Dhamma dreams?

    I live in one :)

    However ....There are Dharma Talks going on inside my head 24/7/365 ...which helps :)

  • Re: How did suffering begin?

    @nubuddh4 said:
    Maybe its not useful to think such thoughts but for a moment help me to ponder how suffering all started. If I understand correctly, we are here because of debts but I was wondering who originally created the debt to begin with?

    I blame Mr & Mrs Ignorance and their children Craving & Clinging...
    The Cosmic Big Bank (being a bank...I think @lobster has shares in the bank ;) ) freely gives out 'unlimited' karmic credit cards, (to any Tom Dick & Henrietta ) and Mr & Mrs Ignorance being Ignorant (none the wiser) decides to contact the bank and apply for one, they then make the mistake of letting their children Craving & Clinging have free 'unlimited' access...and next thing you know Mr & Mrs Ignorance find themselves in karmic debt up to the eyeballs ;)

    However thus have I heard... the Financial Mentor ( AKA The Buddha) came up with a foolproof karmic budget plan, which if followed diligently will eventually lead one out of debt... :) Well this is the plan :)