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  • The Sixth Sense

    Well I went for a swim this morning before getting ready for work, and as I was floating on my back, the mind started to recall the thread I posted the other day on the close shave a surfer had with a great white shark, it was captured by drone...Anyhow as I was wading out of the water a Manta ray swam across my path, it was between me and the shore...I must admit I was a bit surprised (I nearly stepped on it)....

    What was weird was, how the shark thing popped into the mind whilst floating on my back, prior to the Manta ray's encounter...It was as if the mind was preparing me for some sort of up close sea creature encounter...

    Every now and again I have these sort of six sense premonitions....

    The Mind is the root from which all things grow!

    Well I'm just off to work ....

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    I went to the Onetangi (pronounced Oh nee tangi means weeping beach in Maori ) Beach Races Day today...It's held every year around this time...I took a couple of friends along, one moved to the island quite recently and the other was her friend from Taiwan (she's also from Taiwan) ..

    It's a fun day out and originally it was just locals getting together to race horses, tractors and whatever...but now it's become quite commercialised with a big company sponsoring...
    The Tractor Race...

    The Horse Race (one of many)

    After which we went on a nice short bush walk to see the Kauri trees ...We all had a nice day out...

  • A Jaw-dropping Jaws Moment

    Caught on video by a shark detection drone...Scary stuff...
    "If you go swim in the sea today you are in for a "big" surprise"

  • Re: Rinpoche visits

    A Tibetan teacher visits the island once a month for around 8/9 months of the year...It's pretty laidback...A group of us normally have dinner the night before the Dharma talk with Geshe-la at some friends place (they host Geshe-la when he visits the island)...

    There are dedications and chants before and after the Dharma talk, however the talk itself can be quite entertaining, lots of laughter, but always very insightful...

    A young Kiwi guy who speaks Tibetan does the translating ((he had at one time studied to become a monk), he translates into colloquial Kiwi, hence why at times it's quite entertaining , even Geshe-la who understand some English joins in the laughter and cracks a joke or two at the expense of the translator :)

  • Re: Word Association Game (2)