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  • Re: Rebirth, Time Between Lives, and Dr. Ian Stevenson

    @Dubitator314 said:
    how do Buddhists reconcile their "proof" with what is normally taught in Buddhism with regard to the time between lives?

    For me...It's nothing special....

  • Re: What are your 'wow' moments in Buddhism?

    I guess as my "Wow" moments come together one by one, they form an orchestra made up of realisations which become the background music as "I" go about the day...

    A constant reminders of "what is"...and depending on the situation/experience, the volume/sound will auto adjust .... putting things into perspective ....

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    I was feeding my addiction yesterday in a local op shop, when I came across this (it was sitting at the back of the shelf, behind other stuff) ...

    It turns out one of the paid staff at the shop saved it from being thrown into the "rubbish", it's a Christian op shop and the manager when sorting through the donated stuff, throws away any religious items if they are not "Christian" ...The staff member is not Christian (she's not Buddhist either) but she said , 'it's disrespectful to throw into the rubbish religious artefacts, just because they are not Christian'...She went on to say if she's doing the sorting and comes across some, she will often give them to friends...

  • Re: Happy Winter / Summer Solstice!

    Many Happy Returns @dhammachick <3

  • Re: Does karma ALWAYS happen

    I would say yes....

    "Viewed from the cosmic standpoint, living beings including humans and animals, are as phenomenal as material objects. Their existence is phenomenally relative, in other words, they exist because other things such as food, plants, water, etc., including the world and the sun exist. They are all subject to origination and cessation, like all other things of the world - including the world itself, which undergoes the process of integration and disintegration. The existence of the world with that of everything on it is sustained by this law...the karmic law of cause and effect !"

    "But the real significance of the law of cause and effect, however, lies in the second aspect, i.e. as the impersonal law of morality or moral causation.It is this aspect of the Law of KARMA which plays a dominant role in Buddhist ethical teachings."

    "Viewed in terms of cause and effect, our present life is the result of our previous existence , and our future, will be the result of our present.

    We are actually the sum total of our past thought, speech and action. What we will be in the future, will be the result of our present thought, speech and action.

    Our present lives are conditioned by the past actions and our future will be conditioned by the present actions. In other words, we are constantly being moulded bY our KARMA !"

    From this booklet I was given many moons ago and have since had photocopied many times...

    Nutshell ...The self is the ship ( or raft in this case) and karma is the rudder ... ( So it would seem)