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  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    On my walk this morning, (down and along the Esplanade) along the way I was accompanied by Monarch butterflies on different parts of my journey....

    ...As I walked I was thinking about 'attentive awareness' and how more often than not it becomes entangled in the 'thought patterns' as they arise , where the attentive awareness is absorbed by the thought pattern....which becomes the sole 'focus' of attention....

    What I've observed is Insight meditation can lead to a calm abiding states of mind...Where thoughts can be observed without them taking over attentive awareness other words peripheral awareness is never lost.

    Not unlike observing a butterfly as it rest on the palm of one's hand, it's free to come and go as it pleases and there's no desire from the hand to grasp and cling to it....

  • Re: Funny Stuff

    I cracked up when I saw this :lol:

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    Yesterday's walk I came across a falcon (no not the car :) ) the bird of prey, feasting upon a dead hedgehog (just on the road to the right of the white cars)...It took to the air as I approached ...

    Perched on a telegraph pole keeping an eye on me and its dinner...

    Then on this afternoon's walk... this...( a couple of hundred metres from where I saw the falcon yesterday... )

    "Hark the Heron anglers fish"

    Apologies for the poor quality of the video and photos...I blame it on my phone camera :wink: :)

  • Re: Individuality, Nonduality, Anatta, Nirvana

    @CedarTree said:
    How is awakening related to the individual?

    Who wants to know ? (Bearing in mind that Nothing exists from its own side)

  • Re: Why Buddhism ?

    It's often said when things go wrong...a tradesperson always blames they tools...

    What's in the toolkit @lobster ? I take it they are tools used not so such for building but dismantling...

    "Seeking but not finding the house builder,
    I hurried through the round of many births:
    Painful is birth ever and again.

    O house builder, you have been seen;
    You shall not build the house again.
    Your rafters have been broken up,
    Your ridgepole is demolished too.

    My mind has now attained the unformed Nibbâna
    And reached the end of every sort of craving"