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  • Re: What music are you listening to?

    And some classic Kiwi rock from Dragon :)

  • Re: Sankhara

    It’s amazing to think what makes up you and me
    (And thinking itself is amazing as can be )
    We’re electrically charged lumps of organic matter
    With neurons firing away creating mental chatter

    And with all this thinking going on but no thinker to be found
    It does make one ‘think’ if one’s mind is really sound

    Just self-generated action and reaction ongoing karmic flow
    (Some may ‘think’ “No this can’t be.. please tell me it’s not so” )
    But try as one may to find who or what produced the thought
    The deeper one delves into it the more one becomes distraught

    Another amazing thing, is the world that we perceive
    Just a faulty projection, a world of make believe
    Buddha Dharma so it’s said will fix up this projection
    With practice (thus have I heard) the mind will gradually change direction

    So instead of outward projection, the mind will begin to look within
    However too much over ‘thinking’ will just put it in a spin

  • Re: Claiming enlightenment

    In the long run if somebody wants to say they are Enlightened...Who am I to judge...Right at that very moment in time they may well be...Good on them and long may their Enlightenment reign :)

  • Re: Turning 30

    @Mingle some food for thought...

  • Re: Claiming enlightenment

    Claiming enlightenment

    An unenlightened person may see what they feel is enlightened qualities in the behaviour of another, yet other unenlightened people may not see the same enlightened qualities in them...So who really knows ???

    I often wonder if the old saying of "It takes one to know one" applies to Enlightened Beings...

    I like the old Zen saying;

    "Before Enlightenment chop wood fetch water...After Enlightenment chop wood fetch water"

    (However it's also possible an enlightened being would install solar panels & plumbing) :)

    Perhaps Enlightenment is for the Enlightened Being to know and for us unenlightened to find out...

    Meanwhile Dogen's approach makes sense...

    "Don't practice to 'become' Enlightened-let your practice be the natural expression of your Enlightenment!"

    The Buddha did say something along the lines of "Ehipassiko" see for your self :) and I guess this is what our practice is all about :)