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  • Re: Claiming enlightenment

    @Kerome said:

    @lobster said:
    My cushion is enlightened but what use is that ... ;)

    Every meditation cushion is scented with its fair share of farts... :)

    It's the passing of wind that blows the candle flame out @Kerome

    (Or in some cases could ignite it :wink: )

  • Re: Wu Wei (Effortless Action)

    "I see great changes in your life...And for this to happen...that must happen and for that to happen ...this must happen...These changes are inevitable ...Suffering is optional... ! "
    "That will be $100...Will you be paying by cash or efpos"

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    This just cost me an arm and a leg ($5. 20c NZD ) ... so goodbye meditation and Dharma practice and Hello instant awakening....... this had better bloody work or "I" will have the company for false advertising :winky: :lol:

  • Re: Monastery Hours?

    On a more serious note...My 'Temple" is open all hours....I never leave home without it :)

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    Well I had to go into the city today to renew my Aussie passport...The Oz consulate is in a flash new building down by the water front..Their office was on the 7th floor...I go up the escalators to the level where the lifts are, and "SHOCK HORROR!!!" I can't find the buttons to call the lift...As I'm standing there looking confused, a lady come up and shows me where I have to call the lift from, a panel located in the hallway at the top of the escalators (I had walked past it)...

    Well I get into the lift and I'm transported to the 7th floor and on stepping out a security guard approaches me and ask what I'm here for, I give him my name and say passport renewal...He lets me in and then I'm put through a metal detector and bag check...( I never had to go through this 10 years ago :) )

    On the island where I live we don't have high rise buildings with lifts (well apart the Red Cross building which is a two story building, they have a disability lift and one in the new supermarket which is used for trolleys and people with full, heavy trolleys who find it hard to walk down the ramp to the car park..).

    Anyhow today's lift experience reminded me of this ...