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  • Re: Social Media Shutdown to promote Mindfulness

    A week in. So far so good. Improved concentration. Back reading books with renewed energy and concentration. Lack of social media also means less time on my tablet which is also refreshing. I feel a little more aware and clear in my mind. I'd be lying though if I didn't admit to pangs of temptation for social media ( I deleted accounts so it would be impossible to succumb to temptation). Next update after 2 weeks social media free.

  • Re: Social Media Shutdown to promote Mindfulness

    Day 1: No FB, Twitter, Instagram and I'm including Donald Trump news in my ban for good measure.
    Keep you all posted at the end of each week of February with updates and observations!

  • Re: Social Media Shutdown to promote Mindfulness

    Awesome stuff @Bunks . I didn't get my first mobile until 1999. It was a nokia. Takes me back. Good times. We are over connected and too easily contactable these days. One has to make an effort to disconnect a little.

  • Re: Social Media Shutdown to promote Mindfulness

    @dhammachick said:
    If ragequitting is what it takes shrugs so be it.

    There is no rage involved. I do think social media has become a prison for the mind for many. For me personally I am looking forward to taking my attention away from social media. I have noticed since I got a smartphone and started using social media, my concentration for reading whole books diminished. For the younger generation in particular the combination of a smartphone with social media apps at the tap of a screen is particularly problematic. Mamy teens today struggle with attention span and concentration as well as anxiety and low self esteem. The fallout from the smartphone/social media generation is starting to manifest itself. It would be great if mindfulness/meditation was taught or practised in schools as part of the curriculum to help offset the smartphone/social media problem. There is a huge debate in Ireland at the moment due to several instances of predators online being a threat to children. It is disturbing. Many children as young as 7 or 8 have smartphones with internet access!! Parents need to be educated on the dangers of letting their children have unrestricted access to the internet on their smartphones. Another angle is the hate speech and trolling that goes on, particularly on twitter.
    It may be modern times but the world is calling out for ancient wisdom. Never was the buddhas message more relevant than now. We need to teach our kids resilience , how to be calm, how to tame their minds, how to connect with real people in the real world, how to be kind, how to see true value in friendships, how to connect with nature and the environment. I teach teenagers and I see hope for the future but I also directly see what the smartphone/social media craze is doing.

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