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  • Re: Trump

    @person said:

    @Brownbuddha said:
    For every action there is an opposite. Monday's are just another day, it is our perspective of Monday that to us makes it good or bad...
    The best thing about Trump I see, is his rattling the cage. He has stirred up people, the good , bad and ugly ( and stupid). It will cause those who oppose him to get the act together because..."only the strong can survive...Grand Master Flash & the furious Five".

    My hope is that Trump is like an infection to our democracy. We will get sick but our defenses will be activated and if we survive we will be stronger for it.

    Yes, it's true!

    He has infected some of our British politicians unfortunately. :p

  • Re: Difficulty Meditating

    @dctufts said:
    Do I just accept this as part of my practice and continue to persevere? Or do I need to revise my technique?

    I suspect you are doing better than you think. Shorter sessions might be more productive, at least for a while. Could you say what technique you are using? IMO the correct approach to meditation is alert yet relaxed, though this can be a tricky balance to get right.

  • Re: Low Carb High Fat...

    In my opinion obesity is basically a result of eating too much and exercising too little.

    More walking, less Neapolitan! :p

  • Re: Meditation experience and letting go

    @Refugee said:> How do you stop this? How can you allow the feeling or thought to arise and be with them? Is it merely a matter of more practice, or is there a particular technique that can be helpful?

    What can be helpful is recognising that feelings and thoughts are transient, and that they rise and fall in dependence on conditions. You can watch them come and go, like waves breaking on the shore.

    Another option is reframing how you view thoughts and feelings, making them less personal, eg "thoughts" rather than "my thoughts".

  • Re: yearning for god

    I used to discuss this with my Quaker friends and I came to the conclusion that "God" is more about seeking comfort than about seeking truth ( obviously they didn't agree! ).

    Did God make man, or did man make God? I pretty sure it was the latter. :p