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  • Re: Twitter

    @Hozan said:
    Hi all
    I have only recently joined twitter. While I find it useful in many ways I do find myself using it more and more. I know its not social media is the problem but rather our use/misuse of it.
    I would be interested to hear peoples experience with social media and if they found it "addictive". I do not have a Facebook account.
    Best wishes to everybody.

    I think the less time spent on "social media" the better, they are addictive, distracting and ultimately unsocial. And stick your "I"Phone in a bucket of water while your at it. :p

  • Re: Help with study of the self

    @eggsavior said:
    I've recently just got through a rough patch with myself. The past couple weeks I was very depressed and angry with myself. Now that I'm feeling better I am more determined to have a better practice. But I think the problem is I don't have any goal or topic to focus on and strive toward.

    I would like to start meditating on the self. I've looked up the 5 aggregates but it's a lot to digest at once. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on beginning to study this? Thanks in advance :)

    I see this as analogous to the scientific method, as per the first two factors of enlightenment, ie mindfulness and investigation. In other words looking closely at aspects of experience and trying to see what is actually happening. The aggregates is one model you can use, though personally I prefer to work with the six sense bases, and sometimes the elements.
    I would recommend just investigating experience with an open mind, don't start with views, beliefs and opinions about it.

  • Re: Dharma Overload

    I think shopping around is quite sensible, and a trial period before you commit to the purchase is very useful. :p

  • Re: The value of pain?

    @techie said:> Could this be the reason that zen emphasis sitting meditation?

    I think a lot of the obsession with posture and yogic contortion is cultural baggage, and I simply don't get the "no pain, no gain" mentality. I don't see pain in meditation as helpful or constructive, and I always advise people to find a comfortable posture. There is no reason why you can't use a stool or a chair or even lay down.

  • Re: Creating a Buddhist flyer for distribution

    Dhamma has but one taste, the taste of ice-cream freedom