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  • Re: Buddhists and Guns

    @lobster said
    Welcome to New Buddhist, gun owners, nihilists, meat eaters and [insert untouchable Buddhist class of choice].

    At the shooting club most people were content to shoot at paper targets, but there were a few who liked to shoot bunnies and other furry creatures. I was struck by the difference.

  • Re: Practising other religions

    @Lee82 said:
    Interesting food for thought!

    Both the local primary school and high school are religious and give preference to children of faith. These schools are at least in part funded by the church. The alternative option is not so bad with the nearest state funded primary school but the alternative state funded high school would be a poor choice. It's frustrating that we have to make such choices now over long term education, the system is messed up. The high school concerns me, it is old, underfunded, gets poor results and has a bad reputation. Whilst other state funded schools a few miles away are brand new. Things may change in the future but no sign of it at present.

    I'd like to think I can give my son the balance of religious education at home and show him there are other ways, giving him the ability to choose his own path in the future. I think if he didn't go to that school he would be brought up atheist.

    I came across this situation occasionally when I worked as an Education Social Worker, and I generally advised parents to compromise on the religious issue if it meant getting a better education for their child, which with your son seems to be the case.

  • Re: Out Of The Closet

    @Lee82 said:
    We are a reserved bunch who inwardly accept who we are and have no desire to rule or convert the world.

    Things are not always what they seem.... :p

  • Re: Out Of The Closet

    I talk about it less than I used to, it often feels like more trouble than it's worth. People either think it's a bit weird, or they proceed to tell me what I believe in.

  • Re: A question on learning methods and commitment

    @Dakini said: Personally, I don't think Buddhism is something you study, once you understand the basic principles; it's something you do, something you live.

    I broadly agree but I think there are caveats. One is that the "basic principles" are not necessarily that basic, another is that practice - what we do - varies significantly according to the school.