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  • Re: Subtle meditation changes

    @lobster said:
    I have always changed my sitting meditation according to circumstances:

    For example brewing a green tea to sip periodically for a while ...

    Other examples:

    • not using a cushion at the moment

    • changing my breath to gentle nasal only breathing

    • facing another direction when sitting
    • eyes closed at moment, usually changes if natural light is around

    Once a practice is established, subtle changes, for example hands on knees can have vast 'benefits'. As I follow a 'just sit' model, perhaps these subtleties are too drastic?

    I find it's good to vary the method and experiment, there is always more to discover and it's easy to get "into a rut" if you stick rigidly to one technique. Eyes open or closed is well worth playing around with in my experience, it can change the feel of the practice quite a bit.

  • Re: another dream question

    I looked into dream analysis years ago and concluded that it's the feeling tone of the dream that is most significant. Apart from that I'm not inclined to read too much into the content. What I find more interesting is the stage between awake and asleep.

  • Re: Analytical meditation

    @pegembara said:
    Analytical meditation is what we are supposed to be doing.

    Keen investigation of the dhamma (dhammavicaya) is the 2nd factor of enlightenment.

    The seven factors are:

    Mindfulness (sati)
    Keen investigation of the dhamma (dhammavicaya)[3]
    Energy (viriya)
    Rapture or happiness (piti)
    Calm (passaddhi)
    Concentration (samadhi)
    Equanimity (upekkha)

    Yes, but investigation here applies to the conditionality of our immediate experience, rather than contemplation on abstract themes.

  • Re: Analytical meditation

    @Tigger said:
    I was reading this article on CNN. Dr Sanjay Gupta meditated with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In this article they discussed analytical meditation. Although I have heard by reading my Buddhist books and listening to the Sangha here that there are a variety of different ways to meditate (lying down, walking etc.) this is a new one to me.

    I was interested in trying it as opposed to object meditation or breath meditation. Has anyone tried it? What do you think of during meditation? how did it work for you?

    I think it can be useful, the challenge is going beyond an intellectual understanding, observing principles in everyday experience.

  • Re: Seeking 2nd opinion about hugging dogs.

    Generally I find that with animals it is best to let them come to you.