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Far southwest corner of Indiana, USA
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Far southwest corner of Indiana, USA
  • Re: Remaining pockets of sanity in America

    If she'd post to this thread we could give her some Awesomes.

  • Re: Jazz Cats

    Our pets have mostly been refugees, so they arrived with names pre-installed. I did name a dog Bartholomew, but not after anyone in particular. I just liked the name.

  • Remaining pockets of sanity in America

    A political thread -- sorry -- but one of hope and inspiration.
    This is a follow-on from Mountains' thread about the last day of sanity. But I am pleased to notice that sanity hasn't been driven extinct (despite mighty efforts) but is spontaneously manifesting in hopeful ways in a variety of places.
    Here are two:

    Airport officials facilitate protests
    This is actually a story about many different protests of the Muslim ban, but I noticed partway down the snippets about various officials going out of their way to make sure protests were facilitated. I work in facilities management, and I can tell you that this is quite astonishing. The LAST thing you want is a disruption boisterously clogging your facility. But a variety of folks at different airports shifted things on the fly to allow protesters to have their voices heard. Really remarkable. And heroically sane.

    Starbucks pledges to hire refugees
    Our new and cheerful government may want to slam the door on desperate war-ravaged homeless refugees, but Starbucks will take them in. Maybe the cultural leaders we'd like to see emerge to triumph over the new scourge aren't musicians after all; maybe they're wealthy business executives this time. Who'd've thought?

    As you notice other little hidden pockets with manifestations of sanity, post them here.

  • Re: I Vow To Stop Watching And Reading Politics

    @federica said:

    @Steve_B said:

    @federica said:

    I cannot bring myself to trust a single one of them, no have I actually cast a Political vote in 30-odd years.

    Yet I know part of my responsibility to my peers, neighbours and society in general is at least to keep informed and thus be able to articulate opinions, points of view and some kind of personal conclusion.

    Oh, an 'Armchair' citizen. All knowledge but no implementation.
    Yes, seen a few of those too.

    I take your point, but in my view, that's not how I'm working.

    I've had the comment "You have no right to a say, you didn't vote."

    I counter that with "Oh I have every damn right, because while you . . .

    Ah, I seem to be guilty of not making my context clear. My intended point was not whether you choose to participate in the democracy your country maintains for you.

    I am merely the kettle, declining the pot's black words of insult, saying gently and with a smile "I do not accept these, they are still yours."

    Perhaps the gentle smile is hard to see via written words, or perhaps the context was unclear because of the location within a thread on politics. If either of these (or both) I apologize.

  • Re: I Vow To Stop Watching And Reading Politics

    @JaySon said:
    I'm taking an oath to stop watching and reading politics.

    Who's with me! Say eye!

    An aye for an eye?
    I'm with you for support.
    If this is your path, then I hope you travel it well. For me, I think I can still follow but not stress over it. Mostly. But maybe I'm like the addict who says I can stop any time! Maybe I'm deluding myself and it will continue to torment me until I cut it out altogether. But for now I think I'm OK. And I hope you'll be too. Good luck!