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Toronto, Canada
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Toronto, Canada
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  • Re: Sports Teams

    I'm one of those people that support my city so Toronto, Toronto, Toronto! Don't really watch football but I would cheer for Poland, since I'm Polish, even though we're terrible. We used to be good long time ago in the ages of dungeons and dragons O.o

    Blue Jay's
    Maple Leafs

    Sports is just about money though, let's be honest. The city/country with the most amount of money that's willing to spend it on players wins!

  • Re: Thought for the Day

    Not sure if this aligns with your post @lobster - kind of does

    I saw this while looking at other things on the internet and I really liked it. I hate when I see people being rude or looking down at people because they THINK they are better than them (think being the operative word)

  • Re: The Beauty of Spring

    I know what you mean. Every spring I get this pep in my step and this huge burst of happiness and positivity. There is this little red bird (don't have a pic yet because it's shy) that comes on my balcony in the morning and chirps the most beautiful chirp I've ever heard. It's been coming for about 5 years now. Goes away in the winter and comes back in the spring.

  • The Beauty of Spring

    Hello Everyone,

    Spring is finally here on this side of the world and I wanted to share some pictures I have. FYI - these pictures were actually taken last spring (May and June).

    One day walking to work I noticed a birds nest, very close to the ground. It made me nervous because It was at arms reach and I was afraid someone would try and destroy it or accidentally damage it due to curiosity. It was at the foot of my condo so I watched it very closely for 2 months making sure nobody touched it (as did others I noticed). I want everyone to know that I did everything I could to take these pictures without scaring the birds or mother. I usually waited until the mother was gone to snap the pictures. I'm sure I scared them a little but I never had the opportunity to see something so beautiful up close like this. enjoy!

    It was only about 30-40 days from the 1st picture to the last which is pretty amazing.

  • Re: Lone Wolf

    @Hozan, I am the same way at work and everyone always laughs at me and says I'm anti-social. The truth is, I don't really enjoy the gossip and the kinds of conversations that people have and you're probably the same way. I don't go to the Christmas parties, our annual boat cruise or any bar/club events as well. It's just not my scene and inappropriate stuff usually goes on in these functions (i.e. last year, on the boat cruise men were seen coming out of women's bathrooms and women out of men's bathrooms, employees throwing up at work events with management watching).

    I think the only thing you can do is be social and kind when walking down the halls and bumping into a colleague but just tell them you like to have some time to yourself too, they should understand that. I try to be more social during work hours to avoid having to be so social during MY time, this way I don't come across as a snob.