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  • Re: Hypothetical question

    Wow @Bunks, good question, it really made me think

    Personally, I would

    This is not to say that I don't believe it now so I'm not trying my best. rebirth and karma are something that I have believed in even before I started practicing Buddhism. I see myself as a fair, honest and kind person but there is always things I can change about myself and probably quicker. It's an interesting question because by saying "I would" makes me feel like there is more I can do that I'm not doing just because it hasn't been scientifically proven and I am at a loss for words to prove otherwise.

    I will never be perfect, and that's perfect with me =)

    I'm stumped here O.o

  • Re: Remaining pockets of sanity in America

    @ZenCanuck said:
    Why on earth do you need to be a member of a group to comment?

    Why on earth? Because unless you have been there, unless you are part of a group that feels uncomfortable with how people view you and the things they say, you shouldn't comment. You are free to say what you want, it's a free country but VERY irresponsible. I would NEVER comment on how a black person feels because I'm not black so I cannot even begging to understand. I would NEVER comment on how a Muslim feels because I am not Muslim so I have no idea. You can have your views and comments but let's be honest, your post was anything but compassionate and understanding. Everyone can comment but it's what your comment is that matters.

    If you feel safe spaces are a bad idea then a better comment would be discussing how we can make EVERYONE feel safe so we don't need them instead of what you wrote. Again, this is my opinion and you're entitled to yours but I cannot stand by and just read a post like that without saying something.

  • Re: Creepy or convenient

    @ZenCanuck is it just me or are you a little angry today?

    I read your post under "Remaining pockets of sanity in America" and then read this one. Seems like you might be having a bad day. I think an Indian person can be as Indian as they choose, I don't really understand what the first paragraph has to do with anything.

    Can you please not say things like "curry for brains", it's not nice. You may not agree with him or you may not have liked him. He may not have been very nice but curry for brains is a bit much.

    At least call him a jerk

  • Re: Remaining pockets of sanity in America

    With all due respect, you don't seem to be doing that yourself. Blaming the left for what the right is doing, that's just wrong. Unless you're Muslim or a minority that feels they need a safe place, I wouldn't comment. Unless you're transgender, I wouldn't comment. I have a feeling that you're neither. The only reason some people feel sensitive to these issues is because of what they have been through in the past. I also think calling them left-wing Nazi's is a little disrespectful. Do you know what a Nazi is and what they have done #rhetorical

    I do agree with you though that both sides need to listen but they are too concerned with pushing their own agenda.

  • Re: Belief.

    @Mingle said:
    Reincarnation is not a fundamental Buddhist belief. Buddhists "believe" in rebirth which is completely different. Also it is more of a metaphor then an actual rebirth, and it explains our constantly changing perception of life and how we are a on going process not a Frozen "self".

    "Frozen self" I like that @Mingle, very good way of explaining that we are constantly changing and being reborn thus "we" and all of "our" feelings, whether sad, angry or happy, are impermanent and will cease as everything else that rises will cease.