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  • Re: Mindful drinking of beer as a meditation

    @Tosh said:
    What's the point in having one beer or a glass of wine? What's that going to do for you?
    You may as well have a cup of tea or a soda or something.
    I just don't understand?

    That's what I said in my last sentence

  • Re: The value of pain?

    It's the sugar that is the culprit

    Our entire lives we were told it was the fat - it's the sugar...what a sneaky devil

  • Re: Vegetarian Or Not

    I find it very hard not to eat meat so I pay very close attention to these types of posts as I am conflicted by my actions. I heard that if you are vegetarian because you don't want to kill any animals then eating vegetables simply doesn't do it because of the various insects that are killed on vegetables through pesticides. This leaves organic food. To be honest, I cannot afford a day to day diet of organic foods. I don't know how it is everywhere but in Canada, Toronto anyway, Vegetables are expensive....don't get me started on organic.

    I guess I have a lot of bad Karmic action that I need to replace with good Karmic action. I'm not perfect and I'm okay with that but I would like to follow that precept with more discipline in the future.

  • Re: Word Association Game (2)

    @silver said:
    I get everyone except the Fish...Beer. Heard of catfish and dogfish but beerfish? O.o

    The bread like batter around the fish in fish & chips is usually made out of beer batter. Flour, eggs and beer amongst other things.


  • Re: Mindfulness after Lunch

    I'm always more focused in the morning as well. I think as the day goes on there is more and more things that go into our monkey minds to think about on top of what we were thinking of already in the morning. I think @eggsavior has a good idea, writing a journal may help you get them on paper and out of your mind.