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  • Re: New Perspective

    Very good advice from everyone here.

    I think if you look at what's happening in the world today, it's 100% clear that it's the "others" that are not normal, hiding behind their wealth and useless objects while the use of alcohol and drugs becomes more rampant. Depression is also an issue, although I know many people on this forum have or are suffering from some sort of depression, including myself. I think people are starting to really be negatively affected by this so called rat race, leading them down the wrong paths.

    And remember @skyfox66, Siddhartha kind of went through the same thing. His family and friends thought he was crazy for wanting to live the life of an ascetic when he had so much or could acquire so much.

    I wish you peace and wellness <3

  • Re: Fear Factor

    At the very least I think a Buddhist would do a better job channelling their fears, as you mentioned @eggsavior. Other than that, I don't think it would help much. I used to be a very competitive person but it just brings me stress regardless of whether I win or lose.

    For every win, someone must fail - waiting to exhale

  • Re: Drunken on happiness

    @Kerome is drunk on happiness :p

    Hey, if you're always either happy or balanced, you're doing something right!

    Does anyone ever experience this little voice in their head when they are trying to be mindful of what they are doing and live in the moment. I appreciate being in the 'now' and completely understand it's relationship to happiness and that it's an important component to end my suffering but when I do it, I have this little voice in my head that tries to resist being in the 'now'. It's almost as if it's afraid that I will forget something important and drop the ball somewhere. Does anyone else experience this?

  • Re: Bodhi of Christ

    I agree @karasti and this is and has always been my issue with religion. The teachings are insightful and interesting but when you see the practice from Christians, something that Buddhists hold near and dear, it's lacking something extremely important. It is almost as if they don't understand what they are being taught or what they are reading.