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  • Re: Advice on discrimination at work

    I've no advice, but I always think people who come out as transgender are brave. I spent a long time in the British army and in the early 1990s we had a male Warrant Officer who came out as transgender. Fair play to the British army, where homosexuality was illegal just a few years prior, they were great about it and the Warrant Officer ended up heading the army's Diversity Team, where they travelled around different army units, speaking about diversity issues (sexual and racial discrimination).

    There's official policy around this area now.

    Anyway, as I say, I've no advice, but I reckon it takes real courage to do what that Warrant Officer and yourself has done. It's just a shame you've received a negative reaction to what - really - should be no big deal to anyone but yourself.

    As Fede says, keep fighting, motivated even by compassion for other transgenders who may not be as intelligent or able as yourself, but try to find some peace around the situation too (if that's what she said).

  • Re: Will Change

    I find I can't force a change, but what I can do is do stuff, or avoid stuff, and depending on what I'm doing or not doing, change happens.

    It's a bit like getting fit. I can't force myself to be fit, but I can 'do stuff', like run, which creates the potential for fitness, and the fitness just happens without any input from me.

    I take the actions and the change just happens all by itself.

    Today I'm avoiding chocolate, mostly.

  • Re: Zen in ye anciente arte of Photos


  • Re: Recently read books

    @person said:
    @Tosh Since you have the time to listen to audio during your day and like history I can't recommend more highly the Hardcore History podcast by Dan Carlin.

    Haha; I've listened to loads of them, a year-or-two-ago. And yes, they were excellent.

  • Re: Sleeping pills

    A quiet mind and a tired body are the two requirements for a good night's sleep. If you're not exercising, start, and if your mind isn't quiet, welcome to Buddhism.

    Hahahaha; I'm like an annoying Yoda.