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  • Re: Mindful drinking of beer as a meditation

    @Bunks said:

    Knowing when to stop is the trick........

    When you're unconscious and lying in a pool of bodily fluids? O.o

  • Re: My Weekend Retreat So Far...

    @federica said:
    A WHOLE Chocolate Gateau...!? Bloody hell.....!

    I firstly ate a quarter of it, and then returned and consumed the rest.

    My name is Tosh, and I'm a gateau-aholic.

    But who just wants a little bit of sweet stuff?

    There, the first step to recovery is an acceptance that there is a problem...

  • My Weekend Retreat So Far...

    Mrs Tosh is away for the weekend, so my plan was to drop her off (she's partying with our daughter at her university for the weekend) and have a home weekend retreat with my dog.

    The rules were:

    1. No screens (computer, internet, tv, or phone).
    2. Plenty of alternate spiritual reading and meditation.
    3. Walking meditation with the dog.

    So far I've eaten 6 cherry bakewells and a large bag of chocolate raisins and here I am on the internet.

    I'm not very good at this Buddhist thing!

    Still, I can start now, can't I?

    See you on Sunday...

  • Re: Low Carb High Fat...

    @silver said:
    Do you peeps across the pond refer to margarine as 'oleo' sometimes?

    We call it 'marge'.

    As a child I remember we did use a brand of marge called 'oleo'; it came in a large circular tub.

    But it was still called marge where I come from (Geordie-land), however, strangely enough we'd still 'butter our bread' with it.

    Did you 'oleo' your bread, or butter it with oleo?

  • Re: Lent/Abstinence/Fasting

    I've thought about giving up coffee for lent, as a spiritual exercise, but then my mind says, "Look, you've given up alcohol, smoking, donor kebabs, crisps (chips for Americans), and sugar (apart from the odd relapse), you're not giving up coffee too!"

    So it looks like I'm giving up, giving up for Lent.