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Memphis, TN
  • Re: Be a light unto yourself

    'I personally think that communicating with others is one of the great opportunities of our precious human life... you can partake of the wisdom of great thinkers, examine them, test their teachings against your own truth. It allows you to expand your understanding beyond the range of your own thought or drive, and so there is little sense in stopping with just the Buddha. I therefore quite like Mu Soeng's translation, which encourages us to interchange our thinking, after considering deeply on our own.'

    I agree with that. So much so that...

    I'm not a fan of the saying, myself. Switching the word lamp to island, doesn't change it for me. Island still implies to me that you are independent. I'm into the concept of interdependence.

    If I accept the Truth that I am full of delusions, views, lies and expectations...then I'm the last person I should be listening to, hahaha.

  • Re: OMG !...(Or Should That Be "Oh My Buddha Nature" ) ?

    ^^^ Ditto. I get on my kids all the time for saying "Jesus" out of anger or frustration bec I know it will offend others.

    My favorite in a moment of gratitude is:
    Look what the good Lord Buddha brought me!

    A common one that I use when something is not going my way is : whew...impermanence is a wonderful thing....I'll be glad when it gets here, hahaha

    Instead of OMG..I say: What in the biscuit? 😮

  • Re: Is hair, in fact, a sign of vanity?

    @DhammaDragon .... I've had short hair all my life and it never stopped me from getting chased. I've never had a man ask for 'a piece' of hair.. I got what brings the boys to the yard...and it ain't no hair, haha. Divorce and shame by the kids must be a cultural thing there. Personal preferences and taste, I can see....but sounds like a serious pressure to conform.

  • Re: Do you speak Emoji?

    👁🗣🐴🎀, 😜