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  • Re: Globalism vs Protectionism

    @karasti said:
    @Victorious this doesn't really address your question, but I am a huge fan of trading skillsets. They can be valued just like money, except it's more tit for tat rather than being forced to go without something you need because you don't have much money because your skillset isn't as monetarily valued by society. There is a webpage called Simbii that connects people for this kind of thing. I'd love to see it grow. If we didn't rely on the money-controlling people for everything, we'd put them out of power.

    Just joined. I think I am going to get some Mandarin lessons! :).

  • Re: Globalism vs Protectionism

    So here it comes...


    The reason I got caught up in this idea is because I defied my Theravada upbringing and started to explore How To Save The World. Yeah crazy I know but I have a BIG HEART as you all know... =). Well actually Federica told me to do it or else and she is T h e Moderator O.o of I went into the big world to find the end of the rainbow and save the world.


    And pretty soon it was clear that war and lack of resources, also called poverty, went hand in hand.
    The issue was primarily a question of resource division. If everyone had what they required then there would be no cause for war. Simple right?

    And obviously there were a multitude of self proclaimed remedies for this. Communism, Capitalism, Socialism and every possible synthesis and antithesis of these. Everyone of which were at war with one another and every one, it seemed, had failed at this minuscule task!


    But then a very simple solution caught my eye. A model that had been tested in several parts of the world and which consisted of people money...for free! GASP!

    There are two main ways of doing this. Citizens Pay and Helicopter Money.

    The First Called "Citizens Pay" in Swedish, has been tested in limited populations. Canada had been at it, Iran and India, Holland and now Finland is testing it. (and some other nations I do not remember). It consist of giving citizens a monthly pay which does not require anything in return from the population.

    And Helicopter Money (again in Swedish) is a one time dispersion of sum of money to all citizens mainly to combat deflation or at least lack of enough inflation.

    As you can see both these models would only work in countries with strong economies where inflation is welcome or even required. Also it could work in countries where automation had exempted a large part of the work force.

    The last is in itself a problem since it cuts employment and tax revenue to The State.
    Bill Windows himself has of late suggested a solution to this by having the automatons pay taxes in the future. Well not the actual robots but their owners. Unless of course the Cyberdyne system prevail and Terminates all the humans in the future. (Who knows how these things could turn out? I say keep all possibilities open. That would solve both poverty and war...just sayin...).


    BUT. Then I looked into the Venus Project. A resource based economy that requires the population to make a contribution.

    That is, everybody gets what they need from the state, but unlike CP or HM, people are required to help out. To do their part in society.

    NO no no stop right there! Get that silly thought out of your head! This is NOT Communism! It is a Resource Based economy...

    But I agree there is some similarity. How do you for instance measure if people have done their part? If they have done enough to keep the economy going?

    Still I felt this is very close to THE SOLUTION! Yes THE solution! Not IT no but VERY close!

    THE FINAL SOLUTION EPIPHINATES ITSELF. (knowleadge is resonable ignorance)

    Well long story short. What if The State monopolized the fractional reserve system of lending? Would that not solve everything?

    All people currently loaning money from private banks could do the same from The State and the Quadrillions of revenues from these loans would benefit The State, i.e. us, instead of private moneylenders. (that is I would say is reasonable ill will)

    And the State could provide its Citizens with the resources everybody requires at a reasonable interest rate, (reasonable greed, no?).

    And also to boon as always when the private banking sector fails normally we the people have to bail them out. This way, if the economy fails we get to bail ourselves out...
    Nice no?

    The End.

    What ya think?


    Convince every Country in the world to simultaneously monopolize the fractional reserve lending system.

    Who wants to have a go at this one? @lobster?

  • Re: stream-winners (sothapanna-sovan-who got the Noble-Right-View)

    Thanks.This I found to. Seems to confirm what I said about the sangha.

    (4) The Four Factors of a Stream-Enterer
    "Monks, a noble disciple who possesses four things is a stream-enterer,
    no longer bound to the lower world, fixed in destiny, with enlighten-
    ment as his destination.
    "What four? Here, monks, a noble disciple possesses confirmed con-
    in the Buddha thus: The Blessed One is an arahant, perfectly
    enlightened, accomplished in true knowledge and conduct, fortunate,
    knower of the world, unsurpassed leader of persons to be tamed,
    teacher of devas and humans, the Enlightened One, the Blessed One.'
    He possesses confirmed confidence in the Dhamma thus: 'The
    Dhamma is well expounded by the Blessed One, directly visible,
    immediate, inviting one to come and see, worthy of application, to be
    personally experienced by the wise.' He possesses confirmed confi-
    dence in the Sahgha thus: 'The Sahgha of the Blessed One's disciples
    is practicing the good way, practicing the straight way, practicing the
    true way, practicing the proper way; that is, the four pairs of persons,
    the eight types of individuals—this Sahgha of the Blessed One's disci-
    ples is worthy of gifts, worthy of hospitality, worthy of offerings, wor-
    thy of reverential salutation, the unsurpassed field of merit for the
    world.' He possesses the moral virtues dear to the noble ones, unbro-
    ken, untorn, unblemished, unmottled, freeing, praised by the wise,
    ungrasped, leading to concentration.
    "A noble disciple, monks, who possesses these four things is a
    stream-enterer, no longer bound to the lower world, fixed in destiny,
    with enlightenment as his destination."
    (SN 55:2; V 343-44)

  • Re: stream-winners (sothapanna-sovan-who got the Noble-Right-View)

  • Re: stream-winners (sothapanna-sovan-who got the Noble-Right-View)


    There seems to se Lots of definitions...