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  • Does your practice involve watching Intention?

    Mine does, and I'm curious as to the experience of others in this regard...

  • Re: What is "uncertain"

    @JaySon said:
    Ajahn Chah liked to say all things are impermanent and they are uncertain.

    I'm assuming by "uncertain" he meant "empty".

    Would that be correct?

    -When he said "all things are uncertain" he meant exactly that... "all things are uncertain."

  • Re: We're going to die

    My best friend died unexpectedly Wednesday night. We are born, grow old, get sick and die. And the stars still shine after we are gone...

  • Re: "Whenever possible, be kind. It is ALWAYS possible."

    @techie said:

    I am not necessarily disagreeing with anything you say. Just that some of us are in no position to 'understand' the bully or find out causes of bullying. We have too much on our plate already, so our goal is to merely survive and defend ourselves against bullies. Delving into the root cause, finding out if the bully was bullied etc. is best left to psychiatrists or others who are on a noble crusade to 'save' the bullies with their godly compassion. The rest of us mortals have our personal traumas to deal with.

    -May those with said challenges be well...

  • Re: "Whenever possible, be kind. It is ALWAYS possible."

    @Shoshin said:

    @Will_Baker said:
    Can harsh words also be kind words ? ie, "Right Speech"
    -In the proper context, said appropriately, yes...

    By whom ? (Bearing in mind this topic is in Buddhism Basics :) )

    One would think only coming from a blooming BuddhaNature would be the only true source/vehicle...

    What I find interesting is when a person says yes it's ok to use harsh words to 'correct' another person whom (I might add) 'they' feel deserves correcting by the use of harshly spoken/written words, however when the table is turned, if harsh words are used to 'correct' them (when they too make a mistake that's Samsara for ya), they tends to take it personally and more often than not, feel somewhat hurt (by the harshness of the words) and are in the habit of retaliating... "Hurt People Hurt People" and so the habitual cycle continues...

    However in saying all this thus have I heard a Buddhist friend who told me about his teacher would would use 'harsh/sharp" words directed at him, which in essence was a lesson in the Dharma, however this teacher had many years experienced in this "art"... Which reminds me of this...

    "One is simply ones experience. Ones ego is the abstraction from the experience.Ones ego should be viewed as a convenient analytic device"

    We lay people on the other hand, are riddled with ego and it would be hard to unravel ones ego from the harshness used to correct others or when used against one self...

    This BTW is my ego speaking :)

    -I suppose the parental concept of Tough Love would be one example; the child might think what is said is harsh or untrue. Your point though, is well taken...