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Will_Baker Veteran



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  • Re: Being free from fears

    For me, when I breath and watch my fear, I'll oftentimes achieve a sense of detachment...

  • Re: a thread of poems...

    The music echoes still, yet the amplifiers are quiet. And the criminals have all departed, leaving in their wake ill-will, smudges on the mirror and fresh memories of ripping music played.

    But soft, her face doth now present itself to me, in my mind’s eye, with her gentle voice asking, "have you been behaving foolishly?"

  • Re: Bodhi of Christ

    I wasn't referring exclusively to the "God is love" matter, I was responding to the exchange I posted below. As an aside, since Jesus was a figure in history, it seems to me what he said and did should be viewed within the context of his humanity...

    @Kerome said: "I would say that any human's understanding of loving other humans begins with love of one's mother, and then expands to other members of the family and spouses/lovers..."

    @federica said: "You would say. Can't think of anyone I know who 'would say' the same..."

    "Repeated tens of thousands of times in the child's life, these small moments of mutual rapport [serve to] transmit the best part of our humanity --our capacity for love -- from one generation to the next..."

    "Not long before his death, the late Pope John Paul II, who lost his own mother at an early age, was intrigued enough by IPNB - especially Dan Siegal's work on the mother's gaze - to invite Siegal to the Vatican for a private meeting to discuss how the pontiff's being orphaned had impacted his psychological and spiritual life..."

    "In the complex relationship between parents and children, our earliest bonding patterns are formed. Our first glimmers of being loved by our mother, thereby feeling ourselves to be lovable, are indissolubly linked to our ability to care for others in our maturity..."

  • Re: Must it be breathing?

    I know a fellow who slightly moistens the outside rim of each nostril...

  • Re: Zen Buddhism and Rebirth?

    @SpinyNorman said:

    @Will_Baker said:
    And what exactly is "reborn" moment to moment?
    -If you have a favorite spot you frequent, are you the same person each time you do?

    I can observe that my state of mind is continually changing, but I don't see what that has to do with "rebirth".

    -For sure your state of mind will be different, but some would argue it goes deeper than that. For example, due to the passage of time your body won't be the same body from visit to visit, nor will the place be exactly the same. Nor will the context of each moment be the same as the next moment. This is due to the complex interplay of public vs. private within which we navigate each separate and distinct moment. I have heard it said: "we are reborn moment to moment," and it seems to me this is related to the above...