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  • Re: No Sympathy for the Devil....

    Hate and disgust /disapproval are two distinct things.
    I don't hate them- but they do disgust me. I'm basically indifferent to his death. As I said, I didn't wish him dead or cause him to die. He's old, his death is imminent and inevitable.

    The remaining WBC members are hateful, nasty racists and disrespectful of other humans; not merely in thoughts or words, but in deeds as well. They hoist misery upon people at every opportunity.
    Since I don't believe in God, or Hell, I'm not counting on that for Phelps' ultimate punishment.
    I do believe in Karma though.
    I have a feeling Phelps' next _several lifetimes _will be filled with misery.
    Then again, maybe not. No way to know for sure.

  • No Sympathy for the Devil....

    Several news outlets are reporting that Fred Phelps is on his deathbed... I've read many comments here and there about (how we should be) "forgiving him", and how God will be forgiving him ... ETC.
    Well, this is my take on his eventual demise:

    **When Fred Phelps (Founder/Pastor, Westboro Baptist Church of Hate and Bigotry) finally dies... the world will be a much better place. Hopefully, the remaining Phelps family who have chosen NOT to escape their evil, incestuous, racist & bigoted, black-hearted clan, will also die off - sooner than later. Each one's passing only adds to the Earth's benefit. Not sorry to see any of them go.

    I feel no guilt because I've not wished him dead, nor caused his death; he is simply old, feeble and dying... and so without glee, yet without shame, I lift my glass to Fred's death.... DIE, you hateful bastard, die.**

  • Re: Can Buddhists celebrate Valentine Day?

    My daughter was born 34 yrs ago, today, on Valentine's Day. :D
    That's the (only) reason I acknowledge Valentine's day at all.
  • Re: Anyone ever meditate on music?

    When I meditate I almost always listen to really beautiful music. Sometimes music that's mixed with nature sounds like a babbling brook or thunder and rain. I also like simple flute music or low-key sitar music.
    Once in a while I'll listen to chanting.
    I use quality noise cancelling headphones - for the best music listening!
  • Re: I am a B*tch. -- A grand first step in self improvement

    I meant absolutely no offense with the terminology to anyone else.

    And thank you very much.
    Understood. I never for a moment thought it was intentional. :)