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  • Re: Ebony Mag....

    What is wrong with "hippies" ? And why is "Hippies" always in " " ?
    IMO the hippies of the 60's and 70's did so much to raise the level of awareness about the hypocrisy of the "Establishment", especially among the young people of the US.
  • Re: Anyone ever meditate on music?

    While it is presumed we here are all "buddhists", no one should presume our meditations and/or practices of Buddhism all fit one strict description.
    People meditate with different goals in mind.
    If music or chanting, or nature sounds helps to bring one to that calm center of breath and allows one to progress into the nature of their particular meditational goals... who is anyone to say "That's not real Buddhist meditation"?
  • Re: Theravada Buddhism , Vegetarianism

    So you live with family. I assume someone is cooking the family meals. Someone is providing you with food, cooking it and placing it on the table for your sustenance. In that way you are dependant on them- much like monks (in many countries) are dependant on the village's generosity to provide them with food. The monks do not pick and choose, or turn their noses up at foods they find less "spiritually acceptable". they accept all that is provided with grace and gratitude. You should do the same.

    You might think to tell your family that you would 'like to try to eat less meat', and perhaps they will surprise you and support that idea. They might be willing to cook extra veggies and meatless dishes just for you. :)
    But if not, that's ok too.

    Graciously and with gratitude accept what is offered... once you get older and on your own you can decide for other eating styles.
  • Re: How important is sitting meditation as a part of Buddhist practice?

    So when one is sitting meditation it means they are being moral and generous? That doesn't make much sense. Sitting meditation is a solitary endeavor. Interaction with family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, kids in everyday life is the time to practice generosity, kindness and moral conduct. there is much judgment here on this forum as to what others should do.
  • Re: I am a B*tch. -- A grand first step in self improvement

    You seem intelligent, well spoken, educated. You are young, attractive and seem very likeable. :) I hope you continue to emerge from your self-inflicted shell. You can add much to our world.
    Be The Change You Wish To See In The World. My all time favorite quote.

    One, teeny tiny, little suggestion; Please choose another word to describe yourself and forgo the "Bitch" terminology. You have every right to label yourself in any manner you wish to get across the ideas you need to get across. But there are other words or phrases that would work just as well. Bitch is universally seen as a negative/derogatory term unequivocally tied to female and female behavior. It's sexist. Other than that one tiny criticism, I reiterate my first observations above. :)