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  • Re: Solipsism and existentialism

    @eggsavior said:
    I've noticed myself getting depressed, thinking I, myself, am meaningless in this great chasm of space-time, or that all of humanity is meaningless. It also makes me anxious and worried about the wellbeing of future people.

    For an equation to be just so, all elements must be present - no matter how large or complex the equation, the smallest part is still significant in achieving the just so.
    'Meaning' does not necessarily equate to wellbeing.

  • Re: another dream question

    @David said:
    ...I remember way too many dreams which makes it tough to get a good night's rest.

    Have you considered sleep apnoea? Something your partner may have more insight into as they may observe you sleeping - lack of oxygen can lead to an interruption of deep sleep cycles which may translate as unfulfilling sleep / mounting fatigue - sleep debt is cumulative.

    Using lucid dreaming techniques, if you have a symbolic way of acknowledging a dream without waking to then be lucid (for example, recognising the difference between where one is and the last solid memory being a marker before sleep - then an action in the dream to reinforce), it is possible to condition yourself with a similar symbol to abandon lucidity (for example, run from the thought that this is a dream by leaving it behind and running into a fog).

  • Re: Sense Pleasures Are The Tail Of The Snake?

    @JaySon said:
    I suppose I will get bitten soon then.

    As it stands I don't know how to relax and be at ease without at least some sense pleasures.

    This is the bite - having equated relaxation / ease with sense pleasure, one is required to continue feeding the cycle.

  • Re: Right livelihood?

    @NB1100 said:
    As far as I'm aware selling clothes or fashion is not wrong livelihood, but clothing can be casual, sexy, formal, etc. therefore can this be considered wrong livelihood because it is promoting sensuality?

    We'd be naked without clothes, which would exacerbate the issue or at least not be less of a promotion.

  • Re: The work that needs to be done

    @Scalingsnake said:
    Hello everyone, this will be my first post on this forum! I am curious as to how you all maintain your practice in your daily lives. Do you have temples nearby? What are your recommendations for persons like myself who are many hours from any temples and don't have the self discipline to teach themselves? I find myself constantly distracted and I certainly know better. Your help is much appreciated.

    'Maintaining' assumes a separation between daily life and practice which in my view isn't helpful.
    Better to think that one is always practicing - by being alive.
    What is being practiced by daily life is the interesting bit - taking responsibility for that is a step in the right direction.
    Self-discipline is a tough one if one is separated from the decision maker.
    But what if the decision maker and the one bound by the decision are one and the same - then one must take responsibility.
    Stay with your distractions - allow them to unfold, see where they go - you won't go anywhere so it's ok - let them play out as they do.