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adamcrossley New


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  • Re: Keeping track of practice

    @Carlita said:

    Headspace is a mobile app for meditation. It’s secular, but the creator Andy Puddicombe is an ordained monk in the Tibetan tradition, and the techniques he teaches are all derived from there. I really like it. It’s how I came to Buddhism in the first place. There are courses on many topics: health issues like anxiety/depression, and general qualities like kindness and patience. He teaches noting techniques, and also visualisation which I recognise as metta bhavana.

    It’s subscription based, but has been well worth it for me.

  • Re: Keeping track of practice

    I’m trying to get to the 90-day goal on the Headspace app. Sometimes I wonder if this is the right thing to do, as “goals” don’t seem to apply very well to meditation. But as @lobster once said here, the only bad meditation is the one we don’t do. So if goals help me to get on the cushion, then good. I think the same probably applies to this.

    Whatever helps you. Best of luck!

  • Re: Reading Lists

    @Lee82 said:

    1. Casino Royal
    2. From Russia With Love

    Have you read any of the Bond books before? They were a bit disappointing for me. I’ve heard John le Carré’s books are very good if you like spy fiction.

    I don’t make lists as such, having had too many of those at university. But I am really enjoying reading at the moment, in fact more so than at uni. I hope you enjoy following your list, but I wouldn’t worry so much if you divert from it, or grind to a halt. Just enjoy what you enjoy. Happy reading!

  • Re: Is meditation alone enough to obtain peace?

    Hello @BoatS :)

    I don't really have wisdom to offer you. I just wanted to let you know, even though I haven't been practising for a year yet, I already find the slowness of the progress frustrating. At times, that is.

    At night, I try to find examples in my day which suggest I have grown calmer. Times when I could have reacted from a place of judgement, but haven't. I hold on to these moments, like talismans against self-doubt.

    My other strategy, when I'm unimpressed with my "good moments", is to go out and create them. Smile and thank the checkout worker in the supermarket, or wish the postman a good day. And then I can be proud of that interaction.

    I was told: If you find a peaceful state in your meditation, but can't in daily life, then try throughout the day to remember how you felt in meditation. Simply bringing it to mind can help.

    But I really answered this question because I also find it difficult. So good luck, and metta =)

  • Re: More Meditation Tips.....

    I do find the half lotus is a strain, but actually at the moment, it helps me to take my practice seriously. It's an illusion, for sure, but I feel more connected to the "tradition" of meditation.

    As you said before, @lobster:

    Initially we are playing at being practitioners ..

    Nevertheless, I am going to try sitting in a chair at some point. Feeling my feet go numb is never totally pleasant.