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  • Re: Advice on discrimination at work

    @federica said:

    Mexico is not a backward country. It has Laws.

    I think that while you need on the one hand to meditate on Metta and Dukkha, and read up on Mindful detachment, you shouldn't necessarily passively accept the demotion, and think there's nothing you can do.
    Follow up on @Shoshin's excellent advice, and read the link I provided.
    Buddhism means being Compassionate and practising skilful detachment.
    There's nothing about being a submissive doormat.


    Hi, thanks for the link you provided, I do know there are laws in Mexico, the problem is actually enforcing them :( as @karasti mentions, in Mexico law enforcement usually looks the other way, there is a lot of corruption, and the people that do stand up for their rights gets treated badly.

    I am in touch with several human rights attorneys, but it's a slow process and I'm getting really frustrated and angry. I agree with you that I shouldn't passively accept the demotion, but since right now my case is building, all I can do is wait :anguished: I will look up mindful detachment and practice it. Thank you :)

  • Re: Advice on discrimination at work


    Welcome ....Sorry to hear about your work situation...Have you been in touch with your local "Human Rights Commission" ? Or any "local support groups" ( the "local support groups" link has links to legal services which may help with your work situation)

    Do you want to know "how to" practice "Mindfulness" in order to reduce stress ?


    Hello I have been in touch with several attorneys, they're helping me with my case, but since it's a slow process, I have to continue working as if nothing had happened, and that frustrates me :( I feel constantly stressed but mostly angry, because I feel my situation is unfair.

    I just watched the video you posted, I will definitively keep tab of that channel. I do want to know how to practice mindfulness to reduce the feelings of stress and anger :anguished: