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  • Re: New Buddhist with questions

    You don't have to give up all your possessions, just share some with people who are less fortunate than you. Best of Luck to you.
  • Re: Pure Land Explanation?

    Interesting! Ajahn Chah is a Theravadan but I find what he said here interesting:
    Clarity of Insight (Ajahn Chah Teachings)

    MEDITATE RECITING “Buddho”, “Buddho” until it penetrates deep into the heart of your consciousness (citta ). The word “Buddho” represents the awareness and wisdom of the Buddha. In practice, you must depend on this word more than anything else. The awareness it brings will lead you to understand the truth about your own mind. It's a true refuge, which means that there is both mindfulness and insight present.

    Wild animals can have awareness of a sort. They have mindfulness as they stalk their prey and prepare to attack. Even the predator needs firm mindfulness to keep hold of the captured prey however defiantly it struggles to escape death. That is one kind of mindfulness. For this reason you must be able to distinguish between different kinds of mindfulness. The Buddha taught to meditate reciting “Buddho” as a way to apply the mind. When you consciously apply the mind to an object, it wakes up. The awareness wakes it up. Once this knowing has arisen through meditation, you can see the mind clearly. As long as the mind remains without the awareness of “Buddho”, even if there is ordinary worldly mindfulness present, it is as if unawakened and without insight. It will not lead you to what is truly beneficial.

    Sati or mindfulness depends on the presence of “Buddho” – the knowing. It must be a clear knowing, which leads to the mind becoming brighter and more radiant. The illuminating effect that this clear knowing has on the mind is similar to the brightening of a light in a darkened room. As long as the room is pitch black, any objects placed inside remain dificult to distinguish or else completely obscured from view because of the lack of light. But as you begin intensifying the brightness of the light inside, it will penetrate throughout the whole room, enabling you to see more clearly from moment to moment, thus allowing you to know more and more the details of any object inside there.

    You could also compare training the mind with teaching a child. It would be impossible to force a child, who still hadn't learnt to speak, to accumulate knowledge at an unnaturally fast rate that was beyond its capability. You couldn't get too tough with it or try teaching it more language than it could take in at any one time, because the child would simply be unable to hold its attention on what you were saying for long enough.
  • Re: True believers will not be harmed. lol.

    Yes @Zayl, you are right. I already feel ashamed for bringing up the subject as lol. I will remember not to repeat the same mistake again. Thank you.
  • Re: "Dear God..."

    The same thing with chickens. I remember when my older cousin received the order to kill a chicken, before doing that, she always said: "I don't want to kill you but they made me do it, so please, I liberate you now from this life, in your next life, try to be reborn human."
  • Re: Science fiction: Could computers become sentient beings?

    @Seph, I like the idea of an enlightened computer. lol. Since computers do things much faster than human. All mind-stream or consciousness or whatever people call it will line up to be enlightened one by one. Done, next. lol.