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  • Re: New Buddhist with questions

    You don't have to give up all your possessions, just share some with people who are less fortunate than you. Best of Luck to you.
  • Re: Attachment to Family / Pets

    How do you know? You only think about it. It's only when it hits then you will really feel. That's my experience with my little nephew, I rarely see him, but I was surprised at my emotion when I heard he was in danger of losing his life. My nephew is fine now. It's me that is not fine after I find out about how I feel! lol.
  • Re: Questions about Buddhism from the eyes of a skeptic

    While I went out for a walk just now, I thought about The Buddha again, and I am thankful that he believed in the rebirth cycle. Because if he didn't, if he thought he had only one life and it was really good, even though it was temporary, he would feel depressed but he would continue to live as he was. Believing in the rebirth cycle gave him strong motivation to set out on his quest and the result of it is what we enjoy now the 4NT and N8FP.

    I know Buddhism is deep and since I am a lazy Buddhist, I haven't learnt much either. I just picked my favorite piece too but from a different corner. LOL.
  • Re: Mahayana Buddhism – what is it? a plain English View

    Mahayana Buddhism is the same as Theravada except it's a bigger vehicle to transport everybody.
  • Science fiction: Could computers become sentient beings?

    During a discussion that His Holiness Dalai Lama had with scientists, he was asked whether computers could become sentient beings: Could computers one day have minds? He answered in an interesting way, saying that if a computer or a robot reaches the point at which it was sophisticated enough to serve as the basis for a mental continuum, there is no reason why a mind-stream could not connect with a purely inorganic machine as the physical basis for one of its lives. This is even more far-out than Darwin!

    This is not saying that a computer is a mind. It is not saying that we can create a mind artificially in a computer. However, if a computer is sophisticated enough, a mind-stream could connect with it and take it as its physical basis.

    Such far-reaching thought makes modern-age people excited and interested in Buddhism. Buddhists are brave and willing to enter into these discussions with scientists and to face the various popular issues in the modern world. Buddhism is alive and vibrant in this way. Not only does Buddhism have the ancient wisdom from unbroken lineages going back to Buddha, but also it is alive and deals with issues of the present and future.
    Extract from "Basic Questions on Karma and Rebirth"
    Revised excerpt from
    Berzin, Alexander and Chodron, Thubten.
    Glimpse of Reality.

    His Holiness Dalai Lama is GREAT!