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  • True believers will not be harmed. lol.

    US snake-handling pastor dies of snakebite after refusing treatment

    Kentucky pentecostalist Jamie Coots, who defied laws against use of poisonous snakes, turned down treatment for wound
    Snake-handling, which is illegal in most places, is practiced as a test of faith and guided by the theory that true believers will not be harmed.
    Appearing last year on ABC’s Nightline, Coots said he had been bitten nine times, including once that cost him a part of a finger. “If the Bible told me to jump out of an airplane, I would,” he said on the show.
  • Re: Cost-cutting measures (excuse the following pun!)

    The best shampoo is the dish detergent. It cuts all the grease.
  • Re: "Dear God..."

    @Jayantha said
    What I'd really be interested in seeing is this same situation through the eyes of a 4 year old child from a buddhist culture
    I remember my grand mother told me when I was a child: "Be happy for it because finally it escaped a life of cat. We need to guide the cat to remember to be reborn as human being. So I told the cat to try to be choosy, do not be so stupid to go inside another cat again."
  • Re: Questions about Buddhism from the eyes of a skeptic

    While I went out for a walk just now, I thought about The Buddha again, and I am thankful that he believed in the rebirth cycle. Because if he didn't, if he thought he had only one life and it was really good, even though it was temporary, he would feel depressed but he would continue to live as he was. Believing in the rebirth cycle gave him strong motivation to set out on his quest and the result of it is what we enjoy now the 4NT and N8FP.

    I know Buddhism is deep and since I am a lazy Buddhist, I haven't learnt much either. I just picked my favorite piece too but from a different corner. LOL.
  • Re: Science fiction: Could computers become sentient beings?

    The idea that a soul can be born inside a sophisticated computer is fantastic science fiction. I love it! LOL.