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  • Re: Difficulty Meditating

    Thanks for the replies.

    I rarely meditate for an hour or more at a time, I sit for 30 minute sessions throughout the day. I'm not sure what technique I'm using, I've just learned from books. Samatha is what I aim for.

    I think I may be overdoing it a bit. I'm very eager to realize the benefits of meditation in the rest of my life so I've assumed that more is better.

    I've also think that "success" can be somewhat of an obstacle in meditation. Subsequent sessions can be mistakenly devoted to trying to replicate that success rather than truly being mindful. Something that helped last night was just telling myself that it was OK nothing was happening and there's nothing wrong with that. Meditation doesn't need to be another realm of achievement.

    I'm going to try to dial it back a bit and not stress out about it.

  • Re: Difficulty in meditation

    I think the interesting question here is whether you wish this to be within the dying spark of deaths surprise or as the manifestation of this next moment of life.

    Death is kind of the ultimate delusion of the self isn't it? I perceive death in the nothingness so my mind has turned away. Maybe if I ignore it I won't have to die! :p That's worked out for people before, right?

    I know I will let go at some point and experience what's there.

    I believe in Zen tradition the death of the mind is referred to as the "great death" as compared to the "small death" of the body. I don't know if I'm there of course, I only know what I fear will happen if I go further.

    This site has helped me a bit as have the responses in this thread, thank you all for sharing.