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Sydney, Australia
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Sydney, Australia
  • Re: Adam and Eve

    @Jeffrey said:
    @dhammachick that is interesting for me to hear about Jewish interpretation of the Torah. I've had Jewish friends but never got around to talking about religion. Is that generally true about interpretation not being literal?

    Yes. It's true. In fact the scholars are often in disagreement about what is meant. Along with the Torah is the Gemarah and the Talmud (Oral Law). In Torah lessons we study all three and I've been involved in some fiery debates 😃😃😃. Another thing I love about being Jewish is you don't have to agree, not end berm with the Rabbi. And they don't take it personally.

  • Re: Buddhism and Tattoos

    Tattoos go against lots of paths' teachings and people still get them. I think there are more important things to worry about in Buddhism.

  • Re: Adam and Eve

    @karasti said:
    As an adult, I can read between the lines and pull nuggets of wisdom out of stories. But when the stories are put forth as literal truth and the symbolism isn't pulled out and explained, it does no good. I quite enjoy many Christian stories now, just like I enjoy the Jataka tales. But my impression was that my church did not have a positive image of women. Nothing about accountability for the choice was ever brought up. Not once.

    Which is the huge difference between Judaism and Christianity.

    I enjoy stories. I think they can be a good way to teach a lot of things. Stories stick with us. But when people who teach others take them as literal truths, no good.

    Jews do not take the Torah literally at all costs. We are encouraged to ask questions, debate, even argue to come to an understanding of what's being taught. I too was raised Catholic as a child and only embraced my Jewishness as an adult. So I understand your distaste for literalism in teaching children.

  • Re: How long have you tacitly supported terrorism? Hypocrite?

    We're all hypocrites. Its very easy to post memes and rants and pontificate online. Action IRL and with no keyboard in sight - THAT takes guts

  • Re: Happy Winter / Summer Solstice!

    I love that my birthday is during Winter Solstice. It's like the Universe saying "Sorry I cursed you to be born on the shortest day of the year, with corresponding physical height. So how about I throw in the rule that everyone celebrates your existence too?"

    That'll work nicely thanks. 👍👍👍