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  • Re: Balancing Spiritual Life, Political Activism/Anger

    @Bunks said:
    Best to give politics a wide berth I've found.

    Indeed. Especially at work and online I've found from personal experience.

  • Re: Third Precept...beyond adultery

    @David said:.

    You may not realize it but that's a derogatory term or at least is very suggestive of one and it feeds the divisiveness of the Sangha.

    As far as I know, "pop" is short for "popular" and suggests a fad or trend. It implies that anyone engaging in cherry picking is only doing it to be cool.

    That may not be your intention but it is the implication so perhaps just a bad choice of words.

    I find it interesting that some people are getting so upset about THIS particular "bad choice of words" yet some people have no qualms badly wording other statements, and sometimes deliberately about other practises, beliefs, lifestyles etc. and will even suggest that others harden up (words to that effect anyway), if an objection is raised.

    Something for the sangha to ponder perhaps?

  • Re: Mx Angry

    @upekka said:

    @dhammachick said:

    Ok so I guess rushing in and taking that pesky chemo 20 years ago was pointless too right?

    i did the same thing 15 years ago

    I mean if I'd just WAITED the cancer would have cured itself

    if i knew what i know now definetely i wouldn't rush to the doctors

    however i know it is not advisable to suggest people to avoid taking medicine for their illness

    if one knows how to be mindful and have a concentrated mind one doesn't need medicene cure one's illness
    but can we say everyone does know how to be mindful and have a concentrated mind?
    therefore it is not a generally valid suggestion for everyone

    if we do not do Insight meditation we can not see the validity of the above writings

    Sorry, but what a load of bollocks

  • Re: Mx Angry

    And just to add so people don't think it's another dig at one of your posts (even though it kind of is because I think it's a ridiculous statement)......

    I am living with a non curable, degenerative neurological disease akin to MS. The only reason I can walk, talk, work and even leave my house is due to two tablets I take each day and will have to continue to do so for the rest of my life. If, when I was first diagnosed in May 2014, did nothing and waited to get better, I'd be wheelchair bound, limited in communication and placing a huge burden on my ageing parents and teenage daughter.

    I would NEVER EVER wish this on anyone. I'm currently going through another stage of degeneration which involves daily multiple falls, constant headaches and little to no sleep. It will last about three weeks. Then my dosage on my meds will be adjusted, my aneurysms will be checked and then I'll make the necessary lifestyle adjustments and carry on. You may say medication is unnecessary because of that, but I'm still walking, talking and WORKING.

    It's so easy for any of us to make sweeping grandiose statements and portray ourselves as "good" followers of the Buddha and Dharma. But let's face it, theory is one thing and practise is entirely another. I wish you good enough health to be able to continue to hold a lofty and unrealistic view on medicine, but make no mistake, your viewpoint IS entirely unrealistic.

  • Re: schizophrenic

    @Traveller said:
    I'm not dumb enough to come off my meds, I don't think that Buddhism is going to cure my Schizophrenia, but a couple of hours meditation a day helps. I agree @dhammachick I've heard of people with mental health problems being told by the Hare Krishna's to give up their meds all they need is devotion to Krishna and folks at AA meetings being told all they need is their higher power.

    Medication, however, is not a cure all for mental illness either I know plenty of people who still suffer intense symptoms despite being medicated. I'm lucky I respond to meds well, I don't really suffer any symptoms as long as I have my depot injection every couple of weeks.

    Please don't misunderstand my post's intentions. I think combining both meditation and medication is the best course of action. But ultimately, everyone is unique and so is what works best for them.