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dhammachick · crazy Aussie BUJU · Veteran


Sydney, Australia
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Sydney, Australia
  • Re: Coffee ???

    Hmmmm I gave up coffee because of the caffeine - it sucked.

    In fact it sucked so much I started drinking Coke then Coke Zero (no sugar).

    I'm not willing to live without caffeine. And it's not safe for people if I'm deprived from caffeine either. :wink:

  • Re: Twitter

    @karasti said:
    @dhammachick It is an interesting thing to do. I cannot go entirely offline, as all of my kids' school and activity news is done via email. But I have taken a month or more off social media. It's funny how all the people who send "I will miss you!!" messages on FB don't even think about you after you leave. 3 people out of 150 on my friend's list (which is almost entirely family and friends I know in person with maybe 5 exceptions of online friends I have known since before social media) contacted me otherwise via phone or email. No one else. It's funny how important we feel on social media, yet we really aren't even a blip on the radar of even the people we think of as friends.

    Tell me about it!!!!!! I went off the grid for three weeks and experienced exactly that

    That really cemented home the fact that people really are full of it most of the time.

  • Re: Swim into the deepness of your mind?

    @Kerome said:
    Why is it that some people who purport to be religious have such difficulty letting go of views or even applying Right Speech?

    Because if they follow their path as dictated by the current leaders as most do, then they won't give credence to Buddhist teachings such as Right Speech. It's like asking you why don't you believe in Jesus as Saviour. It's pretty obvious to you why you don't right? Well apply that to non Buddhists not following any Dharmic teachings.

    Please note I highlighted the current leaders. Most religious people don't bother to explore the teachings beyond the surface because they rely on the leaders to do the work for them.

  • Re: Twitter

    I have a FB which is the bane of my existence. I use it mainly to keep in touch with family overseas and spam my "friends" with my blog posts. As a rule, I only have people I know IRL on there, with 3 exceptions. I have a Twitter account which I rarely post on but keep abreast of news, Buddhist things and my daughter's school announcements. I would dearly love it if email were once again the main form of online communication, but social media has trained people to be so lazy that a few likes and broadcast posts have replaced any interaction that requires you to pick up a phone or make an effort these days :-1:

    I hope one day to go off the grid completely in protest. No one would miss me I'm willing to bet.

    _ /\ _

  • Re: Good Books on Buddhism/Spirituality

    @Tigger I own that book and can say from my background (Catholic father, Jewish mother, raised and educated Catholic and embracing my Jewish roots as an adult), there is no indoctrination or proselytizing in favor of Catholicism or Christianity. I suggest you maybe put off reading it till you've reconciled your own ill feelings towards Christianity and Catholicism. That way you can be more open to the message from the author

    _ /\ _