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  • Re: Sankhara

    @Ukjunglist said:

    Also interestingly, studies have shown that hallucinogenic mushrooms (psilocybin active) not only are harmless to the brain, but also can cause neutron growth and neuroplasticity

    Sources please. If you're going to make a statement like that, people tend to want the proof.

  • Re: Claiming enlightenment

    @Mingle said:
    What do you think?

    I think telling her she was full of it, no matter how polite, was not skillful. But that's your choice.

    I think if we all concentrated on bettering ourselves and not finding flaws in others we'd be much better off as a whole.

    It's my goal moving forward anyway.
    _ /\ _

  • Re: Love is a bitch

    @Mingle said:
    I'm talking about that very real change in your brain that makes you feel euphoric at the very thought of being with a person and dam right depressed when you know you can't have them. It literally makes you crazy and is likened to being on a drug or under a spell. You lose interest in anyone else, lose your appetite and can even get down right ugly when life just doesn't seem worth living without them.

    Then of course you snap out of it and realise that person is only human. In fact you have projected a fantasy onto them.

    This was something I loves when I was younger but lately with my ever decreasing confidence with the opposite sex I have come to hate it. It's like suddenly craving cigarettes even after years of quiting and knowing you have to keep telling yourself no.

    Yeah, nah. That ain't anywhere near love.

  • Re: Ever known someone...

    @silver said:
    It was mentioned in one of the many articles yesterday, that the possibility existed that he 'joined' ISIS or Muslims or what-have-you - a political thing seems like a good possibility - thinking in terms of what I read about what his brother had said, that the change in him was of a recent nature - his brother supposing that the way he had been known by himself and others closer to him, was this just wasn't the way he had always been. Another card to lay down, another supposition to add.

    My thoughts on that, honestly......

    I think people really want to be able to chalk it up to an Islamic terrorist act because people can't face the fact that, like Australia, the worst shooting on home soil in American history is by a white American man who obviously liked his guns and just lost his shit and went beserk.

    I'm not going to lecture or postulate on Australian gun laws vs American gun laws - there's plenty of people out there who can do a much better job than I. I'm also biaised as I was unfortunately caught up in the Strathfield plaza massacre that killed an acquaintance (Roberta Armtrong) and my friend's father (George Mavris -
    who owned our hangout there - The Coffee Pot).
    I worked for a real estate agency in the plaza owned by a family friend and literally ran for my 16 yo life, all the while trying to find my mother who was there doing some shopping I'm biaised because I petitioned people to sign for a tighter gun law and garnered over 10,000 signatures with my friends which we presented at Parliament House. Sadly we had to wait another 4.5 years and watch the Port Arthur massacre unfold.

    Now, to get back to my point. I know Satan will skate to work before any American will give up their guns because - Second Amendment (which till 1980 was purely about militia's right to defend themselves post Civil War). But you gotta at least CONSIDER more effective restrictions. And I think the reason a lot of Americans (collectively, not speaking for any members here) so desperately want it to be a rabid, radical Muslim is because they don't want to think for one moment that maybe, their gun laws aren't infallible.

    Just my 0.02, offered as an outsider who's seen shit go down on a smaller scale personally.
    _ /\ _

  • Re: Love is a bitch

    @Mingle said:
    Love really really reeeeeaaaallly sucks.

    No it doesn't. You're confusing love with lust/ infatuation.