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dhammachick · crazy Aussie BUJU · Veteran


Sydney, Australia
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Sydney, Australia
  • Re: Sports Teams

    @Hozan said:
    Jose parked the bus again @dhammachick !!

    Never have I wanted alcohol at such an obscene time of the morning :anguished:

  • Re: Talking of Right Speech ...

    @ollaimh said:

    @federica said:

    @ollaimh said:...anyway i personally am tied of being told you can't ask questions by buddhists. of course i used to be a trial lawyer--so i was used to asking detailed and difficult questions.

    yes, but forget your manners, and this court will eject you.
    Please be so good as to NOT lump all Buddhists under the banner of being uncooperative.
    As a lawyer, I would expect you to choose your terminology more precisely.
    My husband, who has a 1st Class Honours in Law, has certainly learnt the art of both tact and diplomacy.
    Might I suggest, my learned friend, you apply the same exacting standards?
    There appears to be a distinct lack of same, in the above.
    One rests one's case.

    i am not tactfull in anglo culture terms, and also tired of that demand.and likely will never be tactful. demanding tact is a large part of anglo privledge, frankly. i grew up with frano gaels. we say what we mean. openly and spend little time being pissed of at other people's foibles. lots of talk about everybodies business and almost no nastiness or criticism. not class bigoted cultures, not much racism(both of which are defining characteristics of anglo culture).i have to say. spend some time in montreal or north nova scotia and you'll see.

    but without putting in the usual time at the feet of teachers i get invited to go to senior teachings. been told by several great teachers i don't have the multiple layers of personality that most of their north american students have. that kind of tact is largely an ego defence.

    that tact is what makes terrible trial lawyers. as to buddhists that's for others to decide.

    it may be obvious i have decided. it took me years to realize that many anglos spend a lot of thought time on minutia of what people had said. i spend lots of thought time on poems, musical instruments and how to re jig a harp. never understood not having hands on creative activities. it must be incredibly boring.

    i think you are protesting too much

    Oh FFS :dizzy:

  • Re: Blog

    @lobster said:

    @genkaku can write - convey ideas.
    @dhammachick wrote about her pagan roots and sham shaman. Tee hee.

    YAY!!! Someone read my ramblings at last :awesome:

  • Re: Sports Teams

    @Hozan said:
    Well i'm going to be friends with you anyway @dhammachick . So there! :awesome:

    Yeah tell me that after City and United have played on Thursday :awesome:

  • Re: Sports Teams

    @Bunks said:
    I am a self confessed sports nut!


    AFL (Aussie Rules) - Carlton

    My partner is a long suffering Carlton supporter. Of course I'm a die-hard Sydney Swans supporter.

    English soccer - Newcastle United

    My dad's a Newcastle supporter, my mum's an Arsenal supporter and I follow Man U (sorry @Hozan we can't be friends anymore :lol: )

    Aussie soccer - Melbourne City

    BOO!!!! I'm a long suffering Mariners supporter.

    Cricket - Australia and Melbourne Stars

    yawn Cricket is tennis on valium (yes, I said it)
    Rugby Union is crap (and Australia sucks at it anyway)
    My father and Uncle played first grade Rugby League in the 1960's and as a result I support Eastern Suburbs Roosters. NSW for Origin and the Kangaroos internationally.