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My name is Xavier, my username is a pun.


Illinois, USA
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Illinois, USA
  • Re: Buddha's Love

    I've read all of what you said and reflected on it. Especially why I was attracted to Jesus as a figure. I still respect him as a being to emulate. After this post I began reading the Dhammapada again and remembered many core dharma teachings. I've been putting them into practice. As what many of you said, being closer to the dharma has made me feel closer to Buddha. To follow in his footsteps. I look to compassion as a concept for inspiration and strength now instead of a figure, Jesus Buddha or otherwise. It feels more pure and closer to a true incarnation of Love.

  • Re: Personal Truisms

    @DhammaDragon I checked my notifications last night and read your reply. Later when I was out with friends I began over thinking but then I remembered what you said and returned to the present. I felt much better! Thanks for the gentle reminder <3

  • Personal Truisms

    I guess I'm taking from Zen with this post. I've always had problems over thinking. Even with positive and introspective thought I become so obsessed it is toxic. I am always ruminating massive ideas. Recently I tried something new. After thinking awhile I boiled my thoughts down to a few sentences. Here's my Holzer truisms/Zen koans:

    Things are everchanging but those changes are rooted in precedents which you are always creating.

    You have to live like a poor man to become a rich man

    Information oversaturation compels us to piecemeal our experiences across several channels of outward communication. But when do we look inside ourselves? ;)

    I could go on. I figure after these I'll go to phrases, then words, then....silence? Who could've thought.

  • Re: The Beauty of Spring

    @federica yep! It's one of my favorite novels. I love how it describes finding such joy in nature and kindness.

  • Re: The Beauty of Spring

    @Tigger that reminds me of the Robin in the Secret Garden. It's a great novel to read this time of year