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My name is Xavier, my username is a pun.


Illinois, USA
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Illinois, USA
  • Re: Twitter

    In high school during the worst of my depression social media took over my life. I didn't have many friends in the "real world" so I had many online friends. While I cherish their help and friendship greatly it was unhealthy for me since I spent years embroiled in online drama and society of sorts. As I got older and healthier it slowly lost its appeal. Last year I deleted all of my accounts and it's been great! I am much more mindful of my current life and I have great friends now.

    I think social media can be helpful but I am uncomfortable returning to it. My boss at an art center I work at wants me to make a Facebook to post my classes online but I really don't want to, I might ask my coworker if I can use hers to post things.

  • Re: How to meditate?

    Hi @Sophie101! Welcome to the forum. I would suggest starting with some short guided meditations until you get the hang of it. The best thing to do is not try too hard, which is easier said than done I know.

    You might be interested in this series of videos too

  • Re: Animal friends

    I believe animals occupy a different plane of awareness than us. Not better or worse, just different. It should be remembered that some animals have brain functions more refined than even a human's, like whales' emotional capacity and responsiveness. There is a tiny shrimp like creature that has the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom and can see a vast array of colors across many spectrums. Can this animal see a higher truth or perspective of reality with its great sight? Or bird's who fly above everything, turning it meaningless? Or ants who live in intricate tunnels with a massive community?

    Humans have the largest intellectual capacity. But we have limitations of our own. And other creatures have abilities we can only imagine. We all experience life in different ways and places. Is it our interconnectedness that sums everything together? Makes me think of Gaia...

  • Re: Mindfulness after Lunch

    It is the middle of the day. You've been busy the entire morning and now have the whole afternoon/evening too. Maybe write down all your concerns and thoughts so they'll be out of your system and you can refocus.

  • Re: Analytical meditation

    @lobster's mention of element based meditation reminds me of a great book I read. It is called Living as a River and is based on the 6 elemental practice with modern science and psychology thrown in. It was a great read and helped me a lot when I first seriously contemplated Buddhist practice. Here is some info