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federica · seeker of the clear blue sky · Moderator


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  • Re: Hi

    Never mind us, how are you doing, stranger....?
    We've been thinking of you....

    As far as I am aware, we're all 'good'... Coming and going, you know....

  • Re: Creating my Own Refuge Ceremony

    Please don't thank me; think nothing of it, it's for everyone.

    Thank the Buddha, he started it.... ;)

  • Re: Creating my Own Refuge Ceremony

    I created this for myself way back when...
    Taking Refuge:

    Buddham Saranam Gachami
    Dhammam Saranam Gachami
    Sangham Saranam Gachami

    Dutyam-pi Buddham Saranam Gachami
    Dutyam-pi Dhammam Saranam Gachami
    Dutyam-pi Sangham Saranam Gachami

    Tatyam-pi Buddham Saranam Gachami
    Tatyam-pi Dhammam Saranam Gachami
    Tatyam-pi Sangham Saranam Gachami

    The Five Precepts:

    I vow to train myself to:
    Not hurt any being – to do no Harm;
    Not to take anything, which is not freely or willingly given;
    Speak wholesomely and pleasantly
    Not to indulge in improper sexual pleasures;
    Not to consume intoxicating substances which confuse the mind and cloud the judgement.

    There are these five facts that I should reflect on often, whether a woman or a man, lay or ordained. Which five?

    I am subject to ageing, have not gone beyond ageing.
    I am subject to illness, have not gone beyond illness.
    I am subject to death, have not gone beyond death.
    I will grow different, separate from all that is dear and appealing to me.
    I am the owner of my Karma, heir to my Karma, born of my Karma, related to my Karma. Whatever I do, for good or for evil, to that will I fall heir.

    I Accept that:

    All things are impermanent and there is no essential substance or concept that is NOT impermanent.

    All emotions bring pain and suffering, and there is NO emotion that is ever purely pleasurable.

    All phenomena are illusory and empty.

    Enlightenment is beyond concepts: It is not a blissful ‘heaven’ but instead a Release from delusion.

  • Re: Haiku

    Any time dear friend
    This is what I do, you know.
    Uses, I do have.....

  • Re: Haiku