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  • Re: The Old Man and His Bundle...

    That's a perfectly charming tale... <3

    It is the same story as that of HoTei, who carries a sack.
    In that tale, the disciple he meets, simply asks, "Master, what is Enlightenment?"
    HoTei says nothing, but merely places the sack on the ground, and nods, knowingly.
    Somewhat fazed and mildly bemused, the disciple, at a slight loss, then asks.
    "Yes...but....What then?!"

    HoTei merely picks up the sack, hauls it up on to his back, smiles benignly, nods, and carries on his way.

    Before Enlightenment, Fetch water, chop wood.
    After Enlightenment, sod, it, buy Manhattan apartment with all mod cons.
    It all the same, anyway.


  • Re: Thought for the Day

    @Tigger said:
    I don't think @federica is around right now to send you to the corner

    He's got so used to it, he sends himself. I just stand here, arms akimbo, tapping my foot.....

  • Re: Seeking 2nd opinion about hugging dogs.

    Every single dog we have bred, we bred for a purpose. They were bred to udertake specific tasks, and although 99% of those tasks (in a normal domestic household) are now totally redundant, that principle is not absent in the dog. A retriever still wants to retrieve, a pointer still wants to point, and a terrier still wants... well, terriers are a breed unto themselves!
    There are more differences WITHIN a breed, than there are BETWEEN breeds, because all breeds basically descend from one source, wild dogs, be they coyotes or wolves. So they have that, in common.
    But this is why you will get two pugs whose temperaments are entirely different, and even a brother and sister who will be at opposite ends of the scale. Because temperaments, count.
    Look at how many dogs are put forward as assistance dogs. look at how a few special ones, ar chosen, even if all form the same litter....

    In order to give dogs what they need, we have to understand what it is dogs are asking for.
    They want, food, shelter, protection, food, loyalty, food and affection.

    And food.
    Unfortunately, some serving dogs (labs, retrievers, some rottweilers, beagles) have a genetic propensity to never having the hunger instinct satisfied, which is why one sees so many overweight labs/retrievers/beagles...Rotties not so much. I think sometimes these particular dogs are over-fed through ignorance ('he's a big dog, he needs a lot of food!') and intimidation ('he comes into the kitchen when I'm cooking and if I don't give him titbits, he growls!' This last one was bad husbandry and impolite behaviour. Soon fixed that one!)

    1: Titbits should be calculated as part of the daily diet.

    2: It doesn't hurt a dog - AT ALL - to skip food completely for a day.

    Love your dog the way s/he's telling you s/he needs to be loved. Learn body language, and the world is your oyster. The pearl therein, will be priceless.

  • Re: Seeking 2nd opinion about hugging dogs.

    Dogs are extremely aware of the nuances in our emotions, and we are far less so about theirs.
    Because children cuddle teddies, they also cuddle dogs, but should be taught from an early age that dogs are not toys. Dogs need to be respected, and deserve their space, and to be left alone, if they're just minding their own business and enjoying a quiet time alone....

    I agree with others here who say that it depends entirely on the dog, the situation the relationship, the temperament and the individuals involved.
    To make a sweeping statement that dogs feel stressed or pressured when hugged, is inaccurate, to say the least....

  • Re: The Basics of Buddhism

    It's actually the basic tenet of any loving calling: Do as you would be done by.