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  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    Yes, I've got one but it hasn't fruited yet.
    In the UK they're called 'Buddha's Fingers'. No good as a lemon, but the fruit is excellent to convert to candied peel.

  • Re: To the Sangha I go for refuge

    'Going to the Sangha for Refuge' can mean so many things...
    You could either mean you come here to "lick your wounds" (and I mean absolutely no disrespect when I put it like that), or you can go to a Sangha to Surrender the pain and deal with whatever arises...
    Going for Refuge to a Sangha also means embracing the community and being at one with it. Being Mindful that whatever load you bear, others will help you shoulder it - but that you too, form a vital component and Safe Place to Go for others who might equally find themselves in a worrying predicament.

    Going to a Sangha for Refuge is bringing the Mind Home and resting the Heart.
    I love the Triple Gem....

  • Re: To the Sangha I go for refuge

    @vinlyn , I'm so sorry that you feel heart-torn and distressed.
    Truly, the guilt itself is 'punishment' enough, don't add further to your load by feeling this has to be carried forever.

    The memory will remain; I know I still have glimpses of the past, and not all of those glimpses are either favourable or welcome.
    But the cause, for you, was the deed.
    The effect, for you, is the search for Refuge.

    I commend your Intention.
    I hope to bring you comfort in your sadness.
    Be well, good friend.

    I send you much metta and affection.

  • Re: Be a light unto yourself

    If you swim deep enough for long enough, no island is truly separate from another.
    That can be said of anything. People, teachings, countries....

  • Re: How do you know?

    Moderator note:

    @upekka could you quit leaping from thread to thread, and making members chase your comments? if someone asks you a question in this thread - answer it in this thread.
    This is your thread. You started it, so stop flitting all over the forum.
    If you choose to divert people to other threads - then provide a link.