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  • Re: Happy Mothers Day

    Actually, if I'm going to be a pedant (and yes, I'm going to be) it's "Mothering Sunday" and originally had absolutely nothing to do with being a Mother of Children.

    In the UK, we should celebrate Mother's Day along with everyone else: In May.
    Mothering Sunday is a Parish tradition dating back many centuries; it falls right in the middle of Lent, and was a time when Household servants could celebrate their own form of Easter, by returning to the place of their birth, their 'Mother Parish'.
    Easter was always a time of intense labour and domestic work, so they could never enjoy an actual Easter at home, by going to their own church....

    Mothering Sunday is actually a Religious occasion.
    However, its commercial value quickly became exploited and sadly, now, the original significance of a 'Child' returning to its 'Mother' (Parish) is rapidly losing all significance, and people no longer remember the true origin of the day.

    However, in the spirit of community, I thank you for your kind and generous wish. <3
    My eldest daughter sent me a beautiful card, in which she wrote, "Have you ANY idea how hard it is to find a card that says 'Happy Mothering Sunday'...?!"

    Sadly, yes I have.

    To add insult to injury, the clocks went forward an hour, thereby depriving all deserving Mums everywhere, of a much needed extra hour in bed..... :D

  • Re: Creating my Own Refuge Ceremony

    Please don't thank me; think nothing of it, it's for everyone.

    Thank the Buddha, he started it.... ;)

  • Re: Getting rid of my smartphone may just save me

    I am absolutely not kidding when I tell you that in a recent conversation with my Doctor, she informed me that they had had an alarming rise in young people coming in with neck problems, slipped cervical discs, headaches and posture issues.
    She also had to refer two youngsters to an osteopath for help with embryonic arthritis/joint wear in their thumb joints....

  • Re: Terror Attack On Westminster Bridge

    The whole thing is an unmitigated and catastrophic disaster from start to finish.
    Prisons are miserable and at times violent places where much damage is done because of lack of funding, Policing, supervision and general administration and care.
    It's clear to me that his incarceration time had much to do with developing his violent side, and culminating in the carnage of the other day.
    He was a mental case. No doubt. And no doubt, he received absolutely none of the support, help, assistance or treatment he clearly, desperately needed.

    If I could put this into its coldest perspective, the damage he created was actually, by Human Disaster calculations, minimal.
    He drew attention to himself, and harmed a lot of people on the way, most assuredly.
    That said, he was clearly mentally unstable, not to say deranged, but he "only" took 3 people with him. If his intention was to go on a mass-killing spree in the name of ISIL, he failed miserably. Thank goodness.
    It's a tragedy, and one from which not everyone will healthily recover, and for that I am deeply saddened.
    But Katie Hopkins was premature in her analysis of the situation, knowing nothing of this man's personal history, and the Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydlo obviously missed the news that this man was, shall we say, "Home-Grown", and immigration had nothing to do with it.

  • Re: Getting rid of my smartphone may just save me

    I have a 'smartphone' but it's so under-used it's incredible. I use it for:
    Ringing people and receiving calls. (more often than not, my Mum and Hubby.)
    Texting/receiving texts. (Mostly work colleagues.)
    Controlling my bank account
    Reading emails. Never sending.
    (rarely) As a map/route finder
    Occasionally searching for something
    Checking this website
    Playing a card game. This is undoubtedly my number one usage.

    That's already over-doing it for me....
    It has so many other possibilities but they're lost on me.