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  • Re: What is Enlightenment?

    What is the significant difference between somebody who is enlightened and who is not?

    Is it simply somehow who lives constantly in the present moment?

    Do I really have to throw away my darkness? or am I fusing it with the light?
    Enlightenment is awakening from the "self verses other" dreamworld.
    To the unenlightened, identity sees countless beings and yourself.
    To the enlightened, there is just dreaming and waking up.
    "Somebody" and "enlightened" are tricky to connect to each other..

    Enlightenment simply manifests on it's own as the absence of delusion
    and such an absence dissolves all boundaries between self and other.
  • Re: Meditation Corner/Room


    I have a meditation room in my basement, which would otherwise be called a spare bedroom if it had anything more in it than zafu's, zabutans, incense and a bell.
    Our Routine is to sit there when we have nothing better to do.
    Usually first thing in the morning and again before going to sleep.
    I think keeping any area specifically set aside, just for meditation, can be an encouraging statement of the priority that you make of your practice in your world.

  • Re: Martial Arts and Buddhism - Is it acceptable?

    The Buddha who was well trained in the martial arts as the younger Guatama, promoted no such practices for his own followers.

    Anybody wonder why???????

    The most interesting thing for me about this thread, is how ardently folks are willing to support the martial arts as a companion practice for Buddhism as opposed to
    how few seemed willing to query even the possibility that it might not be so.

    What do we call that which we are unwilling to question?

    The OP who called himself a new Theravadin leaning Buddhist with interests in the martial arts, by the very fact he was willing to question those interests, demonstrated what I think is Buddhism with big pants on.

    Our thread responses though are largely a demonstration of how little (after years of Buddhist practice) we are prepared to question any interests that we identify with.

    That, in case anybody wondered, is what I'd call Buddhism with little pants on.

  • Re: Martial Arts and Buddhism - Is it acceptable?

    While I am not sure about the Buddhist Dharma and my own martial arts background, I do wish that there had been somebody close enough to the door in Orlando with the martial art skills to have stopped that massacre.

  • Re: Your calling.

    @gavenv said:
    What is your calling?

    Any transcendence of my Ignorance