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  • Re: Trump

    It's unfortunate how much it varies by states. Our state has really good programs for low to lower-middle class people, from free to sliding scale. They are administered now through the ACA application process, but at least there are options for people who don't make enough to afford what the marketplace has. Other states apparently don't have very good options for people who fall just outside the medicaid requirements but can't afford much else. @dhammachick most people still get their insurance through employers, Obamacare/ACA is mostly for those who don't have that option, so they are like people who own small businesses or work for places not large enough to offer insurance. People still have what they did before, if Trump's plan passed 24 million would have lost what they have already. We can build on what we have, tearing it down wouldn't have been a good option.

    ACA needs some work. But that said, a lot of the problems with it are due to greedy insurance companies and not due to ACA itself. Republicans thought it would be so simple to just do what they want without caring who they threw off insurance as long as those on it got a better deal. I'm glad that didn't happen. And glad they learned it's much harder than it looks to really come up with a plan. I think for us to see a truly good plan that'll serve most Americans, our health care system needs to be reworked. Not just the way we pay for it. How they bill and the complete lack of regulation of costs and prescriptions needs to change. A lot of the chasm between the insurance companies taking part in the ACA and providers is cost. They want to pay less but the providers need more to keep the door open, especially when insurance companies pay a fraction of the listed cost. It's really a ridiculous system and the whole thing needs to be fixed.

  • Re: Anthony Bourdain Does Not Want to Owe Anybody Even a Single Dollar

    Though, you'll notice the people who say money doesn't matter mostly never have to worry about money. It's different when you are digging in the couch cushions to find change for milk. Most people need money to achieve the stability that allows one to not have to worry about it. I know a guy who lives on $8,000 a year in Hawaii. But I wouldn't say he's typical.

    We've researched a lot what it will take to move into a more sustainable home (off the grid with as close to full sustainability as possible) and it's a pretty expensive venture to even try to get started on. The more simple you want to go anymore, the more money you need unless you can do all the work yourself. They don't make it easy to get off relying on all the crap they (society/govt) provide and in some areas of the US are starting to fine people for making more environmentally friendly choices (such as charging fees and special taxes of those driving green cars because governments lose tax money when they don't buy gas). Areas have made it illegal to have a rain barrel on your own property because they believe the water falling from the sky belongs to them. Crazy stuff.

  • Re: Coffee ???

    A friend of ours who runs a coffee shop makes matcha lemonade in the summer. It is a gift from the gods! So amazing.
    @Hozan there are a million good tea companies out there. I like Heavenly Teas (online) and they have a huge variety. I don't know if they are all loose tea or not, i prefer loose tea and just use a variety of fun tea diffusers. I cannot get loose leaf here so I have to buy online. If you get into herbal teas at all, you can make a lot of your own, which is a lot of fun. I make raspberry leaf tea in the fall when my berries are done, you just dehydrate the leaves. You can make dandelion tea, chamomile, cedar, lavender, all sorts of things. even something like an aerogarden can let you grow some tea plants in your home and enjoy them. not everyone likes that kind of stuff, I just find it fun, lol.

  • Re: Insight Timer

    I joined as well. Now what :scream:

  • Re: Anthony Bourdain Does Not Want to Owe Anybody Even a Single Dollar

    They may not panic but I'm sure it'd be a major adjustment to give up the huge multi-million dollar homes and all the cars and motorcycle toys that they love so much. Plus, unless we see the downfall of all of civilization, lol, they will both always have their names to fall back on. Anthony Bourdain is "only" worth about $6 million compared to Keanu Reeve's $350 million. That we consider making $6 million as "doing fine but not amazing" is curious to me. That's still more money than anyone needs to live a comfortable life.

    That any human being is worth that much is just bizarre to me. What do they offer the world to be paid so much money? It's amazing the amount of our own money we give to people like them (no judgement on the content of their character) simply to be distracted from our own lives. They are both rich because the rest of us are uncomfortable in our lives. Not blaming them, it's just interesting to me to consider. Looking at the vast majority of rich people most of them don't add anything to the world or the betterment of humans, societies or the planet. They are simply paid based on what we value. It's too bad we don't value our social workers, foster parents, teachers as much as we value our distraction.