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  • Re: Video games

    @nakazcid I'm very introverted as well, but I have a family so I never have a shortage of things to do. More often than not I find myself running out of time to do everything I want and need to do every day. I still play games, like I said, but they are mostly for the times I want to go out of myself, which is increasingly less appealing for me. I do more to enrich my inner world, I guess. I spend a lot of time meditating, doing yoga and especially journaling. I have a slight obsession with bullet journaling in particular, :lol:. I spent a lot of time in nature. I exercise every day (other than yoga), I always have chores and projects to do around the house. We have several pets that need daily attention. I cook for myself and plan my meals. And yes, occasionally play games. None of the things I do, even being a mom, takes so much of my time that I limit my identity within it. I'm a mom 24.7 and have been for almost 21 years (ee gads) but if someone asks me who I am, the answer is a lot more complex. Learning how to break things down has been one of the gifts of Buddhism for me. Including my identity, a bit at a time.

  • Re: Video games

    I would give up tv in a heartbeat. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Nothing but blahblah noise to me. There are a few shows I watch, but if I could give up the tv I'd be happy to stop watching them or catch them online when I could. We pay way too much for tv but it is the only legal way to get the sports my husband watches. He doesn't watch a ton, but to get local teams you have to go through cable or satellite. Hoping that will change before much longer so we can go down to just streaming. I love week days when I can turn it off for the entire day. It's a huge intrusion to me. The noise is so distracting and keeps me from being able to go inward to do my journaling and such. So when it's the weekend or vacation breaks, I just go nuts for a while. In those cases, sometimes I do play games out of distraction but currently I have gone back to play a text-only game I played as a child.

  • Re: Video games

    There are a few other threads on the topic that have come up over the past 6 months or so. Might be interesting to read through.

    I'm 42 and still play games. Not often, but I do. Why? Mostly because I enjoy solving puzzles of all sorts, but games are only a part of that, as I do a lot of logic puzzles, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles and other similar things. To me, they are puzzles, so that is why I play. And because I tend to be a completionist person so I like to cross things off lists, lol.

    But really, can't you apply the same "what is the point?" logic to a lot of things we do? If you look into it and find no point, then of course question if you want to keep spending your precious, limited time on that. But for me, when I look too closely at why I do anything, I often ask what the point is. But sometimes they are just things we gotta do, lol. I do alot of things to support my kids in their activities even though I don't understand why they enjoy those activities, so to speak. I don't understand the value of certain types of art. That's not to say they don't have value, obviously a lot of people disagree with me. But I'd sure as heck rather spend an hour playing Mario Odyssey than going to the opera which literally hurts my ears. So it really comes down to getting the most bang for your buck in all areas of life. A whole lot of what we value are things no one else values. Value is pretty subjective in most cases.

  • Re: Autopsy online

    interesting! I have the autopsy report from my ex and it's super fascinating. Love this kind of stuff. I have more monthly subscriptions that I'd rather have already, but maybe there are a few on youtube or something. Forensic science types of stuff is so interesting.

  • Re: Who to follow on twitter?

    @Carameltail Twitter recently doubled the character limit. In some ways it's nice and in some ways, it loses something. Trying to find a way to say what you needed with limited space. it makes you have to think about your words more. But even a 280 character limit that is the case to an extent.