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karasti · Breathing · Veteran


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  • Re: Trump

    It's strange/interesting that there is such an upsurge of right-winged politics right now. I wonder why. I mean there are a million theories as to how Trump won, how Brexit happened etc. But I wonder what is going on on the deeper consciousness of people who are making these choices. It seems to me they are scared. But what of?

  • Re: Is Chattering a good thing?

    For myself, I find the more I let my inner chatter factory go, the more attached I get to thinking they are important thoughts. The more I can slow the factory down, the better the quality control. For me anyhow.

  • Re: Best Books for Burgeoning Buddhists

    If you look at the core of Buddhism it's usually fairly easy to apply it to current events, but it depends on the issue. How you view it is going to vary based on all of your previous experiences. Buddhism isn't much different as it is interpreted by people. So you can look up an issue and find multiple views from a Buddhist perspective, on any of them. From politics to war to religion to environmentalism etc. Thich Nhat Hanh is a big proponent of caring for our earth. Another teacher I went to a retreat with laughed and said it doesn't matter, if we ruin our planet we just get reborn elsewhere. Just depends on the person, lol. Buddhism doesn't have the answers to the world's problems. It's unlikely any single religion does. Complex problems require multi-pronged sources of knowledge, wisdom and experience.

  • Re: Trump

    There is a lot of doubt over here, too. But Pence wouldn't really be an improvement, either. The whole lot of his administration needs to go so that Bannon and Ryan stop having the influence they have (though Ryan looks like a fool after his healthcare debacle). To go from one minion to the next would result in much changing, other than the fact Pence is a bit more of a professional individual who at least wouldn't likely waste his time with idiotic wars with the media and so on. But policy wise he'd be no better. Also, don't forget that Trump and some other republicans recently determined that jobs are more important than a healthy planet. Because, you know, propserity will be important when we are all under water.

  • Re: Is Chattering a good thing?

    It just adds more noise to the world and makes it hard to discern what is important. And makes it easier to place importance on things that don't really have any (like celebrity news). It makes it easy for people to be distracted and harder for them to determine what is important to share with the world. Most of what is said, the world could do without. Including what I am saying now :awesome:

    Not every piece of diarrhea our mind spits out needs to be verbalized. What makes it cathartic? Verbalizing thoughts gives them a voice when most often they don't need one. One can learn to let go of those thoughts without doing anything else with them. There's nothing wrong with processing stuff and thinking through it. But determining what to share with others is another thing. A person can also write it down and choose not to share it if they need to get it out but don't know how to let it go otherwise. It is still a method of giving thoughts a voice, but if it's not shared with others at least it doesn't contribute to all the noise in the world already.

    I crave depth to my conversations and I have no problems with silence. I don't need every clerk to ask me about the weather. Most chatter is a distraction from silence that we've been taught is uncomfortable.