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  • Re: Talking of Right Speech ...

    @kerome when I write I tend to do so much more so "free association" style. You should see my journal, :lol: By comparison nothing here I've ever written has been lengthy ;) I use writing as a way to not just attempt to make a point but to work through stuff. Probably 75% of what I have to say about anything is my making sense of it in my own mind, and 25% actually contributing to any discussion.

  • Re: Talking of Right Speech ...

    Indeed, I wasn't suggesting such issues shouldn't be brought to light (even repeatedly as happens in forums). I just notice themes myself (within my own mind) where I spend more time pointing out the wrongs of others rather than looking at what I can do about myself. To the point I might go DAYS thinking in circles about one particular issue. Even if it's a really important issue, most of the time I am thinking myself in circles. And all the while, I have yelled at my kids, sighed when one of my parents called and I had to answer the phone, jabbered incessantly about some mindless topic with some person who just doesn't care, etc. When we feel indignant about a topic, I think that is pretty common. I try to do better at debating an issue, then leaving it when I am done talking or typing. But it's really hard not to carry it with you and let it distract you from your own immediate impact.

    Sorry for the lack of clarity, I often get ahead of myself as I am reading posts and then by the time I've formed my thought, I've one 7 cars down the thought train and forget to circle back around so it makes sense, LOL.

  • Re: Happy Birthday !!

    Happy early birthday @federica! I hope you enjoy your upcoming day in whatever way makes it joyful for you!

    I told my husband once I get to 45 I'm going to start counting backwards (back to 44, then 43 etc) so by the time I'm 70 I can say I'm 30 and so on. I figure by the time I'm 90 if I saw I'm an infant, people will just assume I'm the crazy old lady.

  • Re: Coffee ???

    Everyone is different with regards to everything we put in our bodies. Some people are sensitive to caffeine others are not. And once you build up a tolerance it's like any other drug-it will cease to impact you (give you an energy boost) yet you still have to drink it to feel normal otherwise you start to feel off, tired, headachey etc. Not everyone, of course, but many people. If you discover caffeine isn't good for you then don't use it. BUT that doesn't mean it is equally bad for everyone else. Which is why you can find studies that prove both sides. Caffeine can offer a boost to your body and mind, but most of the benefit comes from the oils in the beans. So be careful not to confuse benefits of coffee with benefits of caffeine. Many of the measureable benefits of the coffee itself are still measurable with decaf. Just not the benefits of caffeine, of course.

    I love tea and drink several cups a day (herbal and otherwise, I have like 40 types of tea, lol). Tulsi Rose and lavender are my favorites. I grow my own lavender just to make tea. I have one cup of coffee every morning, and enjoy the creaminess of it first thing in the morning. I enjoy the routine of making it (I use whole bean and a french press) and of sitting with my son while we each enjoy a cup. But it doesn't affect me to go days without it either, as I don't drink pop or other caffeine sources regularly enough. As soon as I jump to 2-3 cups a day of coffee, I get gross feeling, jittery, and then I get headaches when I stop. So I keep it to one because that is what works for my body. Others have different experiences.

    I mostly drink loose leaf tea, but my hubby got this collection of teas for me for Valentine's Day and they make me laugh so I enjoy them every day.

  • Re: Creepy or convenient

    @federica you do not trust our arm chair moderating? :surprised: :open_mouth: