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karasti · Breathing · Veteran


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  • Re: Coffee ???

    Everyone is different with regards to everything we put in our bodies. Some people are sensitive to caffeine others are not. And once you build up a tolerance it's like any other drug-it will cease to impact you (give you an energy boost) yet you still have to drink it to feel normal otherwise you start to feel off, tired, headachey etc. Not everyone, of course, but many people. If you discover caffeine isn't good for you then don't use it. BUT that doesn't mean it is equally bad for everyone else. Which is why you can find studies that prove both sides. Caffeine can offer a boost to your body and mind, but most of the benefit comes from the oils in the beans. So be careful not to confuse benefits of coffee with benefits of caffeine. Many of the measureable benefits of the coffee itself are still measurable with decaf. Just not the benefits of caffeine, of course.

    I love tea and drink several cups a day (herbal and otherwise, I have like 40 types of tea, lol). Tulsi Rose and lavender are my favorites. I grow my own lavender just to make tea. I have one cup of coffee every morning, and enjoy the creaminess of it first thing in the morning. I enjoy the routine of making it (I use whole bean and a french press) and of sitting with my son while we each enjoy a cup. But it doesn't affect me to go days without it either, as I don't drink pop or other caffeine sources regularly enough. As soon as I jump to 2-3 cups a day of coffee, I get gross feeling, jittery, and then I get headaches when I stop. So I keep it to one because that is what works for my body. Others have different experiences.

    I mostly drink loose leaf tea, but my hubby got this collection of teas for me for Valentine's Day and they make me laugh so I enjoy them every day.

  • Re: Creepy or convenient

    @federica you do not trust our arm chair moderating? :surprised: :open_mouth:

  • Re: Mindful Eating

    Indeed. Food scientists. It's a crazy thing they do.
    I have pretty good luck with junk food when I just don't buy it, which I mostly avoid by not going to the store hungry. It works out pretty well, lol. But yes, when it's here, I will eat all of whatever it is, even when I am full and even when it starts to taste bad. Even if it's been months since I ate it.

  • Re: The Nyönpa, or "mad ones"

    Thank goodness celibacy isn't a prerequisite to enlightenment! :love: :blush:

    I do think it's possible a high level of connection with another person can contribute to enlightenment, including sex. But I don't think you get that from walking into someone's room and rubbing the magic lamp. I think it takes a mutual development of a relationship in a spiritual way for anything like that to happen.

  • Re: A Buddha is a Master Builder.

    That's awesome! Minneapolis has a big Lego store in the Mall of America, which is really neat. I always wanted to go to Legoland in FL,but just couldn't justify the cost of yet another theme park when we were there. I'd probably just embarrass my kids anyhow.