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Birmingham, UK
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Birmingham, UK
  • Re: My Vajrayogini :)

    @satcittananda said:
    Why are you worried about wrecking her?

    I'm really pleased with how she turned out - I was worried about adding colour because I didn't want to mess her up & wreck her.
    Now I'm thinking more along the lines of as long as the same effort and love is put into the colouring as was put into the drawing then I'll be happy with it cause the intention is good.

    @lobster - thanks for sharing that thread, it was looking at the art on it that inspired me to start this.
    I haven't devoted any practice to her, yet. Working my way up to it & not rushing. I look forward to it though :chuffed:

  • How to Transform your Life: Gyatso

    I thought to share this here as it's written by the teacher of New Kadampa Buddhism which a modern take on Buddhism.

    You can download this book for free at this link -

    I hope this is useful to some :)

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    I should be doing my uni work but I'm internetting instead.
    As you can see my time is being used wisely by reading the 'random, useless announcement' thread - says it all really

  • My Vajrayogini :)

    Here's my drawing of Vajrayogini - I wanted to share it before I started coloring her, I'm worried to wreck her.
    I copied ideas off several different pictures online and also took what Tsem Rinpoche says about her and tried to incorporate some of that into it.
    I normally can't draw, not very well & definitely not worthy, but I'm really proud of this because I feel like I managed to capture her wrathful eyes, yet she still looks kind of beautiful (and somehow she's in proportion lol)

  • Re: New? Introduce Yourself to NB Members!

    @Bunks said:
    Welcome @kerance - hope you find some help here! Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions...

    Thank you for the welcome! I look forward to seeing you around the forum :)

    @federica said:
    Hi @kerance nice to meet a Brummy! Welcome aboard!

    There's always a Brummie dotted about somewhere :D Pleased to meet you :)