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  • Re: What music are you listening to?

    Passed on and enjoyed

  • Re: Magickal Thinking

    I feel science has useful insights into our nature. For example it might explain how bias is a problem as much for wizards, Buddhas and scientists.

    We have to 'learn to think'. In dharma, just as in science we have to develop critical and objective thinking. For example can we jump out of our identities as Neo-Buddhists, Neo-Alchemists, Neo-Samsara devotees or other comfort zones ...

    I find magical thinking useful for manipulating mental states

  • Re: Dhamma dreams

    I fell asleep on my bed yesterday with a dhamma talk playing beside me. In that weird state between sleeping and awak I could feel the bed underneath my back. Then a voice in my mind said, “It’s time for you to use the Dhamma to lean on and support you....” (or words to that affect).

    Now that you are awake, is that good advice? Feel free to use the Dhamma to lean on and support you in any answer ... ;)

    A voice whispered to me last night: 'There is no such thing as a voice whispering in the night!'
    Haidar Ansari - Sufi Mystic

  • Re: Guilt

    @Kaydeekay said:
    It's snowing here and I wrote this cheesy poem about how transitory 'we' are and how nature is a mirror of that.

    Snow fall

    I enjoyed the poem. <3

    You have expressed important Buddhist ideas.
    The fleeting nature of mind and existence, The perfect flawless present.
    You have taken on board the good advice provided. B)

    Imagine this: Every negative thought, guilty emotional impediment could be covered with pure dharma snow. Then you could offer snow balls to any Buddha to take them to throw at demons when going on hell realm picnics ... yep imaginary Boddhisattas have weird hobbies ...🤪
    Just imagine, every guilt trip can be used to feed the fiery hell realms ... and cool them down ...
    This message sponsored by Lobster Hell Realm Tours - Snow Balls provided o:)

  • Re: Has anyone achieved Nirvana?

    Yes. Here is someone elses answer ...

    Nirvana is not an achievement. It's not a place. Let us start with a definition. The three primary mental afflictions are ignorance, craving, and aversion. In the Fire Sermon, they are referred to as the three fires, that are burning all.

    When those three flames are blown out (nirvana), that state is what is being referred to.

    They are replaced with wisdom, generosity, and boundless friendliness.

    All the arahants (and there were a bunch in the pali canon), would have experienced this, and anyone who has been liberated since then.