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  • Re: Supporting Sports Teams

    This team can probably advise you on your nearest supporters club (Sangha)

    Buddha! Buddha! Buddha!

  • Re: Worldly Achievements and Enjoyment

    @WesternBuddhism said:
    Hello, how can I incorporate achieving things in the world- e.g. money, sporting, as well as enjoying these things fully without attachment while practicing Buddhism?

    Who is stopping you? B)

  • Re: Hope and buddhism

    Having no hope is not hopeless for the advanced Nowist (which I hope is taken to mean someone in the present) Where does any intention arise? It arises from past experience to instigate future action.
    Live or Be The Hope is a useful way to be. Hope that makes sense ... ;)

  • Re: Magickal Thinking

    I feel science has useful insights into our nature. For example it might explain how bias is a problem as much for wizards, Buddhas and scientists.

    We have to 'learn to think'. In dharma, just as in science we have to develop critical and objective thinking. For example can we jump out of our identities as Neo-Buddhists, Neo-Alchemists, Neo-Samsara devotees or other comfort zones ...

    I find magical thinking useful for manipulating mental states

  • Magickal Thinking

    Previously ...

    As we sometimes are aware, the mind, body, life the universe and everything has its own magick. Us little creatures try to make sense of this pattern we are born into. Cue gods, yidams, Allah knows best, cosmic and comic gurus and the Four Noble Trooth Fairies ™️ :p Not much use there?

    Being aware of how we are entranced, enchanted and beguiled by our little pattern, we may not find the empty pattern, the Buddhist Enlightenment ...
    Or maybe we prefer to follow a non-pattern/template? Is dharma the closest to this?

    I certainly find the practices of mindfulness, mantra, meditation etc good for my health both mental and physical. Is that sufficient? For me it is. Dharma works.
    For you? If not any solutions?