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  • Re: Coffee ???

    Yogi teas and Pukkha have some flavours which combine 2% matcha with lemon or ginseng.

    Yum! Ginseng = adaptogen

    Finally learning about green tea ...


    • Boil fresh water and leave in kettle for two to three minutes, otherwise you burn the tea. Ay karamba!
    • Use tea pot even for bag
    • Pour a few sips into a large cup/mug, this way you can drink tepid tea - totally different taste to hot tea

    Went for tea and freshly baked scones this afternoon ... however that is just 'sheer luxury' ...

  • Re: Terror Attack On Westminster Bridge

    Yesterday whilst some feel their religious duty is to ram people with a car and stab police, I was developing my Puppy Linux based Prayer wheel . . .

    I tuned into the radio today to hear the latest and got only silence (it was a minutes silence in memory). My sister is working from home as I suspected and we will Facetime (like Skype) her later when she is finished.

    Thanks @Hozan and anyone else doing similar. <3

  • Re: Getting rid of my smartphone may just save me

    I agree @kerome, it is a device.
    I think they are great. I don't have one apart from the wifi, device - no calls. People give me their old devices and I know how to use them but prefer not to.


  • Re: The Tao of Treebark

    In Tantra, everything potentially becomes the path we hobble along. In other words the symbolic is everywhere and treated as actualised.

    Stick to the Buddha: 'Hello!'
    Buddha to stick: ?

    Healing is the attribute of wooden wands.īla_(Buddhism)

    ... however yours are of the Tao and more natural ...
    My sister makes artistic wands from twigs but does not consecrate (empower them) as then their nature changes ...

    Pic enclosed - see next post ...

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    @SpinyNorman said:
    I've just bought a small sit-on-top kayak. First try out yesterday, and managed not to fall in!

    I nearly bought an action cam yesterday. If you get one @SpinyNorman, we can share the kayak adventure.

    Purchase procedure was too complex. Did not have one in stock, was on their website ... Can get it to the store if I purchase a gift card and come back after giving out my details. Que? No thankee. Should know better than to use PC World. Same story with micro SD Cards. Only the over priced in stock. [/end rant]

    Used my olde camera to film this young kestrel instead ... B)

    In other lobster news: programming going well and have entered the 'Dark Web' to hire a hit man to get rid of my ego ... O.o