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  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    ... meanwhile ...

    What happens when two trains meet on the bamboo railway ...

  • Re: Motivation and fear of criticism

    Another great post @Glow

    Settle down in front of mirror (which is meditation in dharma) who ya gonna find? Yourself? Yep 👍🏾 Anybody didn’t know?

  • Re: A take on mindful living instead of happiness

    He said, it wasn’t something he chased. Instead he watched events come and go, paying especial attention to the silences between, staying as the observer, ignoring both the pursuit of happiness and the avoidance of suffering.


    We have to be honest and realistic about where we are.

    For example regular meditators know the benefits. Regular mindful practitioners know the benefits etc. Armchair dharmaists? Not so much ...

    It is important initially to focus on study, sila, practice for benefits, including happiness. Whatever works for us.

    It takes a very determined, perhaps strong willed person to just be single mindly mindful and undistracted. It can be done. Depends on the individual ...

    I like the term, 'mindful living' that @Kerome uses. It makes Buddhism an inclusive Way of life, rather than a hobby and is closer to the rapid progress possible to the Sangha.

    We do have a plan! We always did ... B)

  • Re: how to simplify buddhism for beginners and advance participants

    Interesting point from @federica

    The awake do not as largely as possible act from karma but without motivation and consequence. They are in highest essence actionless, unborn, invisible. This explains how the highly realised are:

    • humble
    • accomodating
    • service providers not users

    These are the people to look out for if you are not too busy with self noise. Knew that calm would come in useful ... o:)

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    This is Britains smallest wild bird. So tiny - my first captured picture ... just before flying off ...

    Goldcrest - notice yellow/gold crest ...