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  • Re: New and searching for help.

    Welcome B)

    Future practice? As you seem in need, what practices are you currently engaged in?

  • Re: Mx Angry

    Tee Hee.

    Hope the member [sic] recently banned by Doc Federica is able to medicate/meditate the way back to healthy jhana equanimity ... >:)

    Iz I wikid? Yes! o:)

    ... meanwhile had a temper tantrum yesterday ... :3

    Dealing with some very awkward family members at the moment ... and me as part of the equation ... so I do agree with @Namada <3

    I could up my daily meds (that is meditation but I may take some temp herbals such as valerian for a bit of a boost ...)

    After my tantrum, I stormed off to Richmond Park where I spotted this elusive ninja deer. Albino deer are quite common. This is something new and stealthy ... There was actually two of them ... the other was in the shade/shadows ...

    yep that is an ornamental artichoke ... yum ...

    Nature is wonderful ... not just Buddha Nature ;)

  • Re: Mx Angry

    @eggsavior said:
    @karasti journaling is great. I've been doing it for many years. hopefully I will continue to. Your point on bodily harm is interesting, something I worry about too.

    Regarding wholesome exercise ... even though running did not work for me (effected my walking - took two years to recover), it works for others for example @Tosh

    Bodily harm CAN happen through Yoga and even premature or unnecessary lotus positioning. It is far more difficult (have not come across it) with Tai Chi/Qi-ong ...
    Just as we may not know our own mind, we may not know our own body ...

    Here is a good work out ...

  • How to die

    Cheap, eco friendly and solent green free ...

    Will you be leaving your shell to science? Roasted (cremated)? Minced for raven food (sky burial)?

  • Re: 4NT Revisited.

    know the feeling. Three weeks ago I learned that in some ways I have been coasting through life. I have mistaken being nice for being good.

    Humblin' ain't it. :p

    There we are all being ultra spiritual Buddhists ...

    ... when we realise our shallowness - oops! Better late than never ...