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  • Re: Films I enjoyed during my Dharma Break

    Accidentally started watching 'The Buddha'

    Bit too worthy. Gonna have to watch something more entertaining. Lobster = rubbish Buddhist! :3

  • Re: Is Chattering a good thing?

    @techie said:
    But is chattering really a bad thing?

    Yes o:)

  • Re: Free at last ...

    @Kerome said:
    ... the farther shore ...

    Further shore? Ay caramba . . .

    Nasreddin sat on a river bank when someone shouted to him from the opposite side:
    'Hey! how do I get across?'
    'You are across!' Nasreddin shouted back.

  • Re: Talking of Right Speech ...

    Good thing I am not serving tea . . . <3

    In the village outside of Hakuin’s temple there was an old woman who ran a tea shop. This old woman, Hakuin told his students, was actually a true tea master as well as a master of Zen.
    The students, upon hearing this, were curious about the old woman and decided to go to the village and see for themselves whether this was so.
    The old woman, who had studied the Way for many years, was indeed both a tea master and a master of Zen. Not only so, but she was able to discern from a single look whether a person was coming to her with an open heart to learn about the Way of Tea, or whether they were, instead, coming to check on her understanding of Zen.
    To those who came to her with an open heart she served tea in a masterful fashion, and these left her tea shop with wings on their feet. As for those whom she discerned were actually there to test her understanding of Zen, she would hide behind her door with a fire poker and began to beat them as soon as they entered the tea shop.
    When his angry and injured students complained to him, Master Hakuin laughed and said, ‘I told you her understanding of the Way is unsurpassed. You’re all fortunate that she let you leave in one piece!’

    One lump or two? o:)

  • Re: Buddhism, vanity and sexual conduct?

    @spiderlily said:
    Oh no no, there's nothing medical about this. It's just a beauty treatment using 'intense pulsing light' that removes hair from the body eg. leg hair, underarm hair, hair in the nether region etc.

    I have been practicing the light shining out from nether region :p

    Seem to be doing it wrong again ... :3