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mindatrisk Veteran


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  • Re: The I Ching

    @federica said:
    I have found the same to be true, of Tarot cards, although I personally don't use them...

    I am reminded of a friend of mine of long ago; a Born-again baptist Christian, who wanted to be led by Christ at every turn, and was convinced he spoke to her through the scriptures by solving her problems literally. So she would consider a dilemma or question, and then let her NT Bible fall open on its own, and read the first verse her eyes alighted on, taking that as Christ's direct message to her.
    I think she went off the idea when, asking for advice on how to help her friend who was
    threatening suicide, the first words her eyes fell upon were, "Go ye and do likewise"...

    Ha! That's funny! It sounds like me and Jesus are on the same page, aye! (Wink, smile, tongue out, whatever).

  • Re: My Left Foot

    I did my lower back in earlier this week chopping wood. That sucked. You know when you have to wake up every time you want to turn in your sleep? It's rubbish. But, being the good Buddhist that I am, I have utilised and transformed the experience to such a degree that I really feel that - through my own suffering - I truly understand what starving children and war zone families are going through. Really. It's a substantial gift.

  • Re: If you became enlightened today...

    @Bunks said:
    No idea! Do you think Buddha Shakyamuni followed the second one? If so, where is he / she now?

    Voltron 10, I hear, in Andromeda.

  • Re: If you became enlightened today...

    @Snakeskin said:

    @mindatrisk said:
    Would you...

    I reject the premise of the question. :p

    I reject the rejection in your rejection, and I too stick my tongue out, only I don't know how to create that emoji. My apologies, maybe Federica can teach me so my humour is not lost in translation. Federica? How do I make my humour more apparent through the use of the emoji? Thank you.

  • Re: Solitary Confinement

    @Bunks said:

    @mindatrisk said:

    It almost makes me feel like giving my life to Jesus and be done with it.

    That's gold! Maybe just wait until you're on your death bed :)

    Yeah I'm waiting as long as possible to play the Jesus card. Good to know it's there if all this wisdom stuff doesn't work out.