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  • Re: Chan Zen teachings

    Hi All,

    I am not into poetry, but when I read the book The Poetry of Enlightenment - Poems by Ancient Chan Masters by Chan Master Sheng-Yen, then poetry seemed interesting. I don't remember how but when I was doing Google search for Chan master's teachings or may be their poems, then the below link came up, which I opened and found insightful:
    So thought of sharing with you all, specially to those who are interested in poetry. It has many poems, I have not read all of them till now, but in the process of reading it. The poems seem to be insightful.

    The links containing the teachings of Chan Zen teachers, which I have posted in this thread including the above link in this post, is a Christmas gift from me to all of you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you in advance.

    May all sentient beings be peaceful, happy, safe, protected, healthy, strong, have ease of well-being and accept all the conditions of the world.

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  • Re: Queries on Vegetarian Food

    @Shoshin said:

    Um that recipe reminds me of the eggless vegetarian omelette I had in South India ...
    Back then ( 1981) the large railway stations in India had both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants, run by the railway ...I think it was at Madras railway station where I enjoyed the eggless omelette, yum ...

    @Shoshin: just watched your youtube video URL in above post. We call this food-item as besan ka chilla. Its tasty.

  • Re: Chan Zen teachings

    Hi All,
    Today while browsing internet, I found the teachings of Layman Pang at this website URL, which I found insightful, so thought of sharing with you all. The story of Layman Pang is interesting, which is also mentioned in above URL. Copy-pasting teachings of Layman Pang from the above URL:
    My daily activity is not unusual;
    I just remain in spontaneous harmony.
    Not grasping or rejecting,
    nothing left to assert or oppose.
    What use are fancy titles
    and expensive clothes of vermilion and purple?
    This entire mountain is free
    of even a speck of dust.
    Supernatural powers and miraculous activity:
    fetching water and carrying firewood

    Not willing to let go of grasping and rejecting,
    In vain you labor studying the spiritual path.
    You read the prescription but you don't take the medicine-
    How can you be free from your sickness?
    Grasp “emptiness” and it turns out to be form;
    Grasping form it soon proves impermanent.
    Form and emptiness – neither are my possessions;
    Sitting erect, I see my native home.

    The past is already past-
    Don't try to regain it.
    The present doesn't stay-
    Don't try to grasp it over and over.
    The future isn't here yet-
    Don't ponder it beforehand.
    When the three times are revealed as non-existent,
    mind is the same as awakened nature.
    To quietly function relying on emptiness-
    This is manifesting profound action.
    Not even the least phenomena really exists-
    Whatever comes to the eye, leave it be.
    No rules to be kept, no filth to be cleaned;
    With empty mind truly revealed,
    All things no longer have birth or death.
    When you are like this
    The ultimate achievement is finished.

    No-greed surpasses charity.
    No-delusion surpasses concentration.
    No-ill will surpasses morality.
    No-self-centered thinking surpasses cultivating connections.
    I follow an ordinary person's affairs,
    and at night sleep at ease.
    In winter I use the fireplace
    with the fire that's free of smoke.
    I neither fear the dark spirit of misfortune,
    nor seek after her sister good luck.
    Trusting in the flow, what's needed comes.
    We all ride together in the boat of wisdom -
    if you have this understanding,
    your merit has no bounds.

    When the mind's left as is,
    the spirit is naturally empty.
    Without a need for medicine,
    ills disperse of themselves.
    When ills disperse,
    the jewel in the lotus appears.
    Don't worry over affairs,
    don't rush around!
    The wise, seeing wealth and craving,
    know them to be empty illusions.
    Food and clothes sustain body and life,
    but only for awhile.-
    I advise you to learn being as is.
    When it's time I move my hermitage and go,
    and there's nothing left behind.

  • Re: Chan Zen teachings

    Hi All,
    Yesterday came across Bankei's teachings in this web-page:

    Copy-pasting an insightful portion from the above web-page for easy reading:
    "No special practices
    If one is truly natural and innocently spontaneous, the Unborn will appear.
    As we have seen throughout this course, the idea of the Unborn or the Unborn Buddha Mind is a central theme running through Zen teachings. Bankei brought a fresh vitality to this by urging people not to see the Unborn as something to attain or even something to try to be. Rather, Bankei taught, the Unborn is already present, perfect and complete. It is, in fact, the core of one's being.
    Instead of struggling to do or become something, one needs to cease struggling entirely. If one is truly natural and innocently spontaneous, the Unborn will appear. The key to realization is not some method or practice, however helpful these may be, but letting go of everything which is not the Unborn. This involves no special method as typically understood; it involves the total openness of one who has no presumed goal, intention, desire or wish. Letting go is possible because of the nature of the mind.

    When your study
    Of Buddhism is through
    You find
    You haven't anything new.

    Not attaching to any practice included Bankei's rejection of a narrow or formalized notion of zazen meditation. Bankei neither repudiated nor insisted upon zazen practice. Focus on a particular posture or concentration practice was beside the point.

    As for zazen, since za (sitting) is the Buddha Mind's sitting at ease, whilst Zen (meditation) is another name for Buddha Mind, the Buddha Mind's sitting at ease is what is meant by zazen.

    And meditation "shouldn't be limited to the time you sit meditating" in the meditation hall.

    When you are abiding in the Unborn, all the time is zazen."