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  • Re: Mindfulness In Everyday Life...What Are The Benefits ?

    @Shoshin said:
    No doubt there are many benefits , however one that comes to mind (pun intended) is ....

    The practice of mindfulness in everyday life help one to develop an alertness of mind which acts like a buffer zone between thought and action ....So one's emotional state remains somewhat tranquil, which in turn helps one to deal with issues as or should they arise in a calm and effective manner... in other words one is not dragged onto the emotional roller coaster....Of which this in itself is also very beneficial for one's overall health and well-being....

    If you practice mindfulness...what have you found ?

    I feel the same way about it. It seems as though mindfulness is a thin line between immersing yourself in perception or just perceiving without the immersion. Sometimes it feels like a part of discernment and knowing, or a kind of intuition.

    It is possible that your calm-knowing reaction to sudden change is a quality of mindfulness.

  • Re: More Meditation Tips.....

    For those that struggle with monkey mind at the moment, it might help to just sit and think about the running thoughts for a moment before actually sitting. Like warming up the cushion so to speak?

  • Re: Mx Angry

    Why did upekka get banned? It didn't look like he was being offensive at all. ?

  • Re: 4NT Revisited.

    If you just take one noble truth and ask yourself, is this true? It's a life changer.

  • Re: Mx Angry

    Without Buddhism I don't know where I'd be, either dead, insane, or 1000 times more depressed than I already am maybe.

    Perhaps anger is not just something to be unrooted this lifetime. Perhaps maybe I decided last lifetime to unroot it, I don't really know.

    It does feel like the subtle changes combine and work together though. Just let it be?