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  • Re: Your Self Is Only A Hallucination

    @David said:
    It's actually a pretty handy tool of exploration too.

    An illusory tool but a useful tool.

    agree.what makes us tick is half the battle to inform us of our habits and conditionings.we all have our individual aversion,neutral,attachments in our state of mind.

    by the way she gave a nice introduction of the mind.the mind becomes solid interacting with brain neurotransmitters but empty inwardly until the next cointeraction with sense organ stimuli.the mind rest and moves with dharma or phenomenon of the interplay with energy and matter.solid and empty in form--coporial...! awemazing.

  • Re: Catalog consciousness

    ive heard the advice live within your means.its useful in our mindfulness or recollect in the 8-fold component.

  • Re: Labels and status

    @JaySon said:
    Do you ever think about how people strive for status? They put themselves through an immense amount of suffering for labels like "I am a doctor" or "I am a successful businessman."

    Status is like the label on a soup can. Fundamentally it doesn't change the soup at all. Yet you could spend your whole life concerned with these labels and striving for them. You might even be willing to do unethical things to gain one of these labels.

    Anyway, welcome to my brain. This is the kind of crap I think about often.

    so status and reputation may be connected.i bet the buddha would say dont think too highly of yourself to prevent possible clinging of self.maybe its ok to be aware self label but in a middle way attitude like,yeah im a landscaper.maybe be aware of self identity fact without--the hard part--puffing it up.if ego is over inflated it will pop like a balloon.been there done sometimes i practice self aware plain as dust attitude and be simple.from experience--percieved and believed--life is gracious to the i try be that...pauly-so simple a nice hopeful label,even though my brain is nutty.

  • Re: The truth of reality

    being present allows us be fully aware what's going on in this life"karmic" trains our body,as the buddha suggest be aware of the body, to use our faculty for the best possible being active present i guess.also useing our faculty we can percieve conventional truth.deeper or extraordinary truth or insight takes meditation where the limit of anylitical words breaks down,is my assumption.

  • Re: The truth of reality

    jeffrey,that's a fair point.making plans is our modern life. my point maybe is be present in thinking, is.that statement can be a verb and a noun ,which implies to us as well.