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  • Re: Sex without attachment?

    wanted to share what poped in my head about co-relationship or co-love.i dont want to be above you,i dont want to be below you,i want to be with you.

    sometimes i envy those in a relation.but the buddhist mindset,happy for others who has a companion,is good.

  • Re: how to simplify buddhism for beginners and advance participants

    @federica said:
    "I come to teach suffering and the end of suffering". Then clarify 'suffering'. That should keep us busy for a while.

    great advise ,identify our "personal"dukkha and work on it.

  • Re: how to simplify buddhism for beginners and advance participants

    @Carlita said:

    @paulyso said:
    what ways can we give simple advise to those new to buddhism?i'll start.the study and reflect.go slow.about practice. do--your best--and be.practice the art of balance or middle way to counteract of possible tendency toward perfection.

    Id say develop a meditation routine. I started with that in Zen before going deeper into pali studies since the sutras are more spreadout than the suttas. Understanding who The Buddha is and the goal. I wouldnt go through topics like emptiness. Non arrachment can be simplified.

    great advise.find your groove in meditation and aware the difference of suttas and the advise is good,find what resonnate.and maybe handle what you can

  • Re: Open your present.

    and seeing the inner world as empty is calming and peaceful,our bundle of aggregate.

  • Re: Open your present.

    snakeskin,ive been a smoker for twenty two years now.personally prefer the breathing seems ok when i use breath as an object .the habit still there.but yea the quality of our breathing could be better.but now im trying to shift breath as an object to the visual sense organ as an object.what i do is just look in a parifial way or broad sight.personally my mind cant grasph any particular object which in way relaxes the mind.that is why ive heard zen student stair at a wall.the mind using the eye as its object cant grasph.

    on the subject of death and next life , i hear you on the doubt, and uncertainty.but faith and doubt heart trust buddha ,when he states ,something like, there is this life and the next.but still i try not grasp on the contemplation of now for there is a life of hope and potential in our buddhist walk. and i do agree letting go ,non clinging is our aime when our time is up.