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  • Re: Giving up the "I"

    @JaySon said:

    @person said:

    So what we are giving up isn't the body and mind that we are, we are giving up the false idea that there is a self aside from the body and mind.

    The "I" is just a concept, a label merely imputed by the mind, a label that your mind projects onto this combination of aggregates.

    In the same way, the mind projects the label "table" onto a slab of wood with four slabs of wood connected to it. The mind projects the label "table" onto its base.

    Label. Table. Hey, that rhymes.

    I think we're saying basically the same thing in different ways. My false idea = your mental label.

  • Re: Giving up the "I"

    I like this analogy. Water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, when those come together a water molecule is formed. There isn't some preexisting thing called water that the atoms belong to.

    The self is the same way, it arises when all the necessary causes and conditions come together, there isn't some thing that exists outside of those causes and conditions that belong to the self. It isn't YOUR body or YOUR mind, you ARE the body and mind.

    So what we are giving up isn't the body and mind that we are, we are giving up the false idea that there is a self aside from the body and mind.

  • Re: Direct Experience Of Truth?

    1) Learn about meditation
    2) Do meditation
    3) Keep doing meditation
    4) Learn some more
    5) Keep meditating
    6) Meditate some more
    7) Yada, Yada, a direct of experience of truth dawns

    Until then you more or less have to trust that others who have put in the time aren't just deluded or making it up based on what they say and how they are in the world.

  • Re: Environmental trigger

    I think there are generally two approaches. A cognitive one where you actively apply reasoning and antidotes contrary to your mental habits, like @federica laid out. And a mindful meditative approach more akin to what @Kerome mentioned.

    To add to the mindful approach, I would say that the goal isn't to curb or suppress the thought pattern but instead to let it go. Gil Fronsdale has the analogy of sitting on the bank of a river. Boats go up and down the river, the boats here are our thoughts and triggering events that bring them up. We can either stay seated on the river bank or we can get on the boat and let it carry us down river. Sometimes we want to go where the boat is going but sometimes we don't, mindfulness and insight let us see when we get on the boat and practicing meditation gives us the power to get off again... and again.

  • Re: Guilt

    Guilt isn't one of the things I've struggled with so I can't offer anything specific to that. I can give the general advice of using meditation to learn to let go of the stories we tell ourselves. Like you I've had other painful stories about my past that arise again and again to torment me. At some point for me I've just been frustrated with it and decided that ultimately whatever story we tell about ourselves is just a story and a highly biased one at that, I'm sure there are plenty of good things you've done so why doesn't your mind rehash those things over and over again instead? Habit. You don't have to believe everything that you think.

    By meditating you can learn to let go of thought patterns again and again. They keep coming back but you build up a skill that can be applied to more difficult thought patterns. It's like you just notice it and say to yourself I'm sick of it, let it go and it fades away. Do that enough and it loses it's strength until it's gone. It's usually a long term game that takes years but sometimes there are breakthroughs where things happen suddenly.

    Sorry, that's all I have to offer. There probably are some cognitive tricks people use, and that's maybe more what you are looking for so hopefully someone else can offer some.