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  • Re: The Five Recollections

    These are chanted regularly at my center at the beginning of weekly gatherings. Very good reflections for reducing attachment and better appreciating it when we do have good conditions.

  • Re: Queries on Vegetarian Food

    @misecmisc1 said:

    Also, eating eggs which are free range eggs, makes the problem even more complicated as then we will have to tell others that we eat eggs, but only free range eggs.

    To me the point of ethical eating is the reduction of harm to the animals rather than being pure individually, so it isn't necessary to be %100 pure here. When buying eggs to use at home you can insist on eggs raised as ethically as possible or choose another option if out to eat. But if you're at a friend's house or a party with cake or something it'll be a lot easier all around if you just eat the cake "tainted" by conventional eggs.

    Since you're a Hindu and maybe have other considerations, like karmic or something similar, purity might be important for you though.

  • Re: Dharma Sunday: Sigalovada Sutta

    What exactly encompasses right understanding is an interesting subject to me.

    There seem to be two different views on the matter. One is having the correct beliefs and understandings of the various teachings. The other interpretation of right view is to have no-view.

    No time for further thoughts atm so I'll just throw that out there for now.

  • Re: Queries regarding calmness in meditation

    I heard a teaching this morning about how a calm mind helps to better see our habits and conditioning.

    As an analogy take the example of a lake, when the water is choppy and full of waves subtle ripples are essentially unnoticeable. While if the water is calm small ripples are observable.

    The conditioning of self and other habits of mind are such subtle ripples that aren't really noticeable unless we have a calm mind.

  • Re: Who to follow on twitter?

    I kind of like what I heard Gil Fronsdale say he used to do at times in his life. In order to follow the news but not get so worked up by it he would read papers and magazines that were weeks old.

    To me the day to day news cycle is way too frantic and caught up in the drama of it all. I've more or less stopped following the immediate stories and started listening to several weekly news and politics podcasts. By following weekly sources I feel like the commentators are usually able to take a breath between stories and take a more reflective and broader view. And I'm still reasonably up to date and informed.