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  • Re: Films I enjoyed during my Dharma Break

    @lobster said:

    @person said:
    Had a friend recommend Monkey King 2 on Netflix. It's a Chinese folklore kung fu fantasy epic. The visual effects are very good and a Buddhist monk and his quest are central to the story so there it has a Buddhisty message.

    Are they called 'Journey to the West' and the second one 'Journey to the West, Revenge of the Demons'?

    This is the trailer for the second one.

    I enjoyed both. Outrageous but fun.

    There was at least one TV series too ... It is all about bringing the Buddhist Pali Cannon to China

    Journey to the West supposedly originates from a book. I saw the first movie Journey to the West, but the Monkey King 2 is a different movie. Though it is largely based on the story Journey to the West.

  • Re: Globalism vs Protectionism

    @Victorious said:
    @person Thanks! Really great. Just saw the 8 first minutes and so far I agree to the letter!

    Will watch the whole thing when I get an hour free.

    Buddhist side note on Yuval. He meditates in the Theravada style 2 hours a day and takes a 1-2 month retreat every year. You can hear some of his Buddhistness in some of his ideas.

  • Re: Globalism vs Protectionism

    I'd recommend this interview with Yuval Noah Harari on Globalism vs Nationalism.

  • Re: Globalism vs Protectionism

    @Victorious said:
    Of course for this to work people need to be on an entirely different level of maturity.

    Really it all probably comes down to this, whether it's globablism, nationalism, capitalism, socialism. Any system is vulnerable to the corrupting effects of human flaws and any system can probably do well if the people who make it up are virtuous.

  • Re: Trump

    @Brownbuddha said:
    For every action there is an opposite. Monday's are just another day, it is our perspective of Monday that to us makes it good or bad...
    The best thing about Trump I see, is his rattling the cage. He has stirred up people, the good , bad and ugly ( and stupid). It will cause those who oppose him to get the act together because..."only the strong can survive...Grand Master Flash & the furious Five".

    My hope is that Trump is like an infection to our democracy. We will get sick but our defenses will be activated and if we survive we will be stronger for it.