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  • Re: Was Buddha an anti-magician?

    Gil Fronsdale recently put out a new book Buddha Before Buddhism, I haven't read it but listened to his talk. There are some portions of the Pali canon that are thought to be the earliest of Buddha's teachings and they are really secular and non magickal.

  • Re: Coffee ???

    Coffee makes me jittery, I switched to green tea. I find the energy much smoother for me.

    Caffeine has been used for a long time by monks to help stay awake. There's a myth that says Bodhidharma cut off his eyelids to stay awake and where they fell tea plants grew.

  • Re: Maitreya might be AI

    There are reasons to be worried about AI that is 1,000 times smarter than us. But it could also be true that something that much smarter is beyond human frailties and could be kind and considerate of us lesser beings.

    I'm almost more worried about AI that is controlled and directed by power hungry, unethical humans.

    On the other hand though Yuval Noah Harari brings up the point that computer science is working on Artificial Intelligence and not necessarily Artificial Consciousness. So if advanced AI are benevolent gods could they be considered Buddhas if they aren't conscious?

  • Re: Analytical meditation

    My understanding is that it's similar to things like metta meditation. In metta we say phrases or think of things that cause a feeling of love to arise in us, then we can drop the intellectual stuff and concentrate as best we can on the feeling of love until it fades, then go back to the intellect to cause the feeling to arise, etc., etc.

    That applies to other concepts as well. The idea that life is precious and that it could end at any time is different than the feeling that life is precious. For example the knowledge that death is certain is different for the average teenager than it is for an 80 year old with cancer. So we contemplate on whatever topic we think would be beneficial for us until a deep feeling associated with the topic arises, then we drop the analysis and concentrate on the feeling until it fades and repeat.

  • Re: Hypothetical question

    @Bunks said:
    If science proved that the Blessed ones teachings on rebirth and the results of karma were true I.e. past and future lives were true and were determined by our karma, would you actually change your behaviour? Would you be more motivated to change your behaviour?

    I hope so. I make it a point of emphasis in my life to acknowledge new information and use it to actually change my beliefs, which should change my behavior.