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  • Re: Enlightenment

    I don't think such a thing as "fully enlightened" exists or ever existed. It's just that some people are more realized than others. For everyone who is very realized, there is, there was or there will be someone yet more realized.

    I think the very idea of "full enlightenment" is very dangerous. Someone who is "fully enlightened" is seen as someone who can possibly do no wrong, someone who can never be questioned. There is no surer recipe for disaster.
  • Re: Vegetarianism or not? Again....

    My personal anecdote:

    I had been very resistant to vegetarianism for a while. Somehow I was convinced that my body needed meat to feel well. I seemed to feel light headed and empty if I wasn't consuming meet for over a couple of days.

    But as time went on I just could not justify to myself eating meat in the First World environment that I am finding myself in. The thought of what the animal goes through and me eating the outcome of that started to become more and more sickening. So I started taking longer and longer breaks between eating meat and somehow my body seemed to be ok with that. Looks like I just brainwashed myself into believing otherwise.

    Fast forward to today, I hardly ever touch red meat. I eat poultry about once a week during family gatherings. I am still somewhat ok with doing so in social settings when someone else goes into trouble of cooking. I also eat sea critters like fish or shrimp about once a week on my own- somehow I do not feel as much sincere empathy for those. Other than that, I buy, order and cook vegetarian only.

    As time goes by, I seem to become more and more averse to eating others. I am contemplating going full veg even at the cost of disappointing some folks: my body seems like it'll be fine with that.

  • Re: what influences if any do you think pass life experiences have on this life

    I view teachings regarding rebirth as allegories that describe the flow of psychological changes during this only life that we know. Yes, I can listen to the Tibetan book of the Dead, overlook the otherworldly stuff and still find the imagery helpful to make sense of this present life's mental and emotional turmoil.

  • Re: The human condition, and buddhist forums reaction to it!

    I sometimes fall into a rut and desperately look for answers on forums and such, @satcittananda .

    But there is no answer out there. Be a lamp onto yourself, Buddha said. There is some deep yearning within you that fuels your search- forget Buddhism for a while and explore that yearning instead, with as open a mind as you can master. Let the chips fall where they may.

    I have gone through those periods of doubt many times but so far I have always landed in a Buddhist-y space. One day I might not and if so, that'll be totally fine.

    You are free, find your answer, not a "Buddhist" answer.

  • Re: When hightailing it from awful daily news, I click to...

    So during the last precepts ceremony at my Zen center, media was mentioned in the context of the precept about abstaining from intoxicants. That was reassuring for me to hear, as I have struggled greatly with Internet-powered obsessions...

    I am coming to the conclusion that the best way for me is to be extremely careful about what I expose myself to online and, indeed, minimize my time there as much as is humanly possible.