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shanyin · Novice Yogin · Veteran



Sault Ontario
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  • Cat Owners

    I got a cat. She's 1. There is clearly some people who think that cats should only be fed wet food. Is that true? I talked to someone today at the pet food store and she said to only feed her dry food. I'm confused. I guess my best bet would be to ask a vet.

    Anyway, she is totally awsome! She snuggles me alot when we go to sleep.

  • Re: Why do you do Buddhist practice?

    @federica said:
    Because I know that everything I have examined and scrutinised in it - so far - has proven to be accurate. The 4NT are verifiable to every degree.
    There's not much else you can say that about....

    I like this answer.

  • Declawing a cat

    Is declawing a cat cruel?

    I am watching over someones cat in my home until it is declawed on Monday. I kinda feel like I am being used by the person and I don't know if I should continue to enable the person if the operation is cruel to the cat.

  • Re: Mental Ilness View

    That was great Jeffrey!

    Someone actually said this on a mental health forum:

    "Yes, it is ok to discriminate and hate people with mental illness. And it is ok to lie about them, too. And assign false motives to their actions. Friends, family, co-workers and strangers can say the most hurtful things to you and it is ok because you are mentally ill. If you are homeless, you are on the bottom of the pecking order and the last to get benefits (if anything is left). It is my opinion that people who are mentally ill are mostly calm and don't want to hurt anyone. People who are mentally ill are so stupid, they'll instantly forgive the person who just hit them or verbally abused them just because they are so desperate for friendship. Here in America, the land of the free, they put us in jail and then never forgive thus because we are criminals, as well as being mentally ill. Yes, it is ok. "

    I've really never thought about how people view mental health personal issues.